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CIF State Wrestling History


The California State Tournament began in 1973. Before this CCS was the qualifier for the Nor Cal tournament.


2nd Frank Tamura (191 lbs)


6th Steve Zanich (191 lbs)


2nd Bobby Soto (112 lbs)


5th Marcial Cruz (140 lbs)


6th Warren Newsome (152 lbs)

7th Oliver Salud (135 lbs)


2nd Joel Valencia (140 lbs)


7th Matt Sabraw (140 lbs)


5th Anthony Baza (145 lbs)


4th Daniel Atondo (160 lbs)


Fremont finished 23rd in the State

4th Filip Novachkov (103 lbs)


Fremont finished 13th in the State

2nd Filip Novachkov (112 lbs)

5th Greg Crane (152 lbs)


Fremont finishes 3rd in the State, Fremont’s highest state finish in history. Fremont also has its first three individual State Champions in history. Prior to 2006 Fremont had 4 state finalists and no state champions.

1st Boris Novachkov (103 lbs)

1st Filip Novachkov (119 lbs)

1st Greg Crane (160 lbs)


Fremont finishes tied for 31st. Fremont has its first ever two time state champion.

1st Boris Novachkov (125 lbs)


Fremont has its first ever girls state placer.

5th Evonne Evien (189 lbs.)


Fremont got back on the podium at state after a 7 year drought.

7th Gary Miltenberger (285 lbs)

Fremont has its first ever two time girls state placer.

3rd Evonne Evien (189 lbs.)


USA Wrestling

2007 Junior Nationals

Greco Roman 1st
Boris Novachkov (125 lbs.)

Freestyle 2nd
Boris Novachkov (125 lbs.)

2006 Junior Nationals

Greco Roman 3rd
Boris Novachkov (112 lbs.)

Freestyle 3rd
Boris Novachkov (112 lbs.)

Freestyle 7th
Filip Novachkov (125 lbs.)

2005 Junior Nationals

Greco Roman 1st
Boris Novachkov (98 lbs.)

Freestyle 1st
Boris Novachkov (98 lbs.)

2004 Cadet Nationals

Freestyle 1st
Boris Novachkov (84 lbs.)

Freestyle 5th
Greg Crane (145 lbs.)


2014 - 2015 Season Stats


41 - Ezra Clark
35 - Angelo Reyes
33 - Dominick Huerta
31 - Christian Reyes, Ryan Lee

25 - Josh Aceves
23 - Ryan Lee
22 - David Tran
21 - Ezra Clark

2015 - 2016 Season Stats



38 - Angelo Reyes 
34 - Joshua Aceves
32 - Taniela Feliciano Takafua


26 - Joshua Aceves 
25 - Angelo Reyes
15 - Samuel Ibanez

2016 - 2017 Season Stats



39 - Angelo Reyes
32 - Ryan Lee
29 - Taniela Feliciano Takafua


24 - Angelo Reyes
22 - Ryan Lee
18 - Taniela Feliciano Takafua

Wrestling Stats and History

2016-2017 SCVAL De Anza Dual Meet Results

Varsity Record 6 - 0, JV Record 3 - 3

1/5/17 vs. Cupertino: Varsity 54-18, JV 21-42

1/12/17 at Los Gatos: Varsity 54-16, JV 33-12

1/19/17 at Milpitas: Varsity 77-3, JV 34-28

1/26/17 vs. Gunn: Varsity 46-21, JV 18-44

1/31/17 vs. Wilcox: Varsity 70-6, JV 12-42

2/2/17 at Monta Vista: Varsity (win by forfeit), JV (win by forfeit)

2016-2017 Varsity Tournament Results

2015-2016 SCVAL De Anza Dual Meet Results


Fremont Varsity and JV finished 5 - 1 in
SCVAL De Anza Division Dual Meets

1/7/16 - Fremont defeated Los Gatos
(Varsity 42-19, JV 45-9)

1/14/16 - Fremont defeated Palo Alto
(Varsity 45-27, JV 36-12)

1/20/15 - Fremont defeated Gunn
(Varsity 51-27, JV 48-24)

1/28/16 - Fremont defeats Monta Vista
(Varsit 68-8, JV 50-12)

2/2/16 - Fremont @ Wilcox
(Varsity 37-35, JV 30-42)

2/11/16 - Fremont @ Cupertino
(Varsity 28-48, JV 27-23)

2015-2016 Tournament Results

CCS Stats:


Three Time Champs:

Brendt Noon (1967, 1968, 1969)*

Filip Novachkov (2004, 2005, 2006)

Greg Crane (2004, 2005, 2006)

Three Time Finalists:

Anthony Baza (1999, 2000, 2001)

Boris Novachkov (2005, 2006, 2007)

Two Time Champs:

Oliver Salud (1991, 1992)

Anthony Baza (2000, 2001)

Boris Novachkov (2006, 2007)

Two Time Finalists:

Allen Dunn (1966, 1967)

Larry McCoid (1966, 1967)

Steve Wilhelm (1966, 1967)

Eric Ekern (1970, 1972)

Daniel Atondo (2002, 2003)

Gary Miltenberger (2013, 2014)


State Stats:


Three time placers:

Filip Novachkov (4th, 2nd, 1st)

Two Time Placers:

Boris Novachkov (1st, 1st)

Greg Crane (5th, 1st)

Evonne Evien (5th, 3rd)**


Frank Tamura (1974)

Bobby Soto (1990)

Joel Valencia (1995)

Filip Novachkov (2005)

Boris Novachkov (2006)

Filip Novachkov (2006)

Greg Crane (2006)

Boris Novachkov (2007)


NHSCA Senior Nations Place Winners:


3rd Filip Novachkov (2006)

2nd Boris Novachkov (2007)

8th Gary Miltenberger (2014)


*Also won the Nor Cal Invitational all three years

** Placings were at the Girls State Tournament

Northern California Invitational History

Before the creation of the state tournament was created in 1973 there was a Northern and a Southern championship tournament. This is the history of Fremont's wrestlers at that tournament. All information was gathered from 
Listed below is the year, weight class, place, and last name of each Fremont wrestler who placed and the team finish (if Fremont finished in the top 10).

127 lbs. 1st Frank 
Team Results: 5th

138 lbs. 1st Bermundes 
145 lbs. 1st Venagas 
Team Results: 3rd

103 lbs. 4th Tsuchimoto 
138 lbs. 1st Bermudez

103 lbs. 3rd Tsuchimoto 
112 lbs. 2nd Echavaria 
133 lbs. 2nd Nelson 
138 lbs. 1st Stewart *Outstanding Wrestler 
145 lbs. 1st Ilse 
Hwt. 2nd Holbrook 
Team Results: 2nd 

Hwt. 3rd Delgado

120 lbs. 1st Echavarria 
Team Results: 9th

154 lbs. 1st Regalda

Hwt. 2nd Wilhelm

Hwt. 1st Wilhelm 
Team Results: 10th

120lbs. 2nd Fogelman 
145lbs. 2nd Dunn 
Team Results: 4th

145 lbs. 1st Dunn 
154 lbs. 1st Noon 
175 lbs. 3rd McCoid 
Hwt. 2nd Wilhelm 
Team Results: 1st

103 lbs. 4th Garcia 
112 lbs. 3rd Morrison 
133 lbs. 3rd Nakabayashi 
165 lbs. 1st Noon 
Team Results: 2nd

175 lbs. 1st Noon 
Team Results: 7th

133 lbs. 4th Zucker 
175 lbs. 4th Ekern 
Team Results: 9th

112 lbs. 1st Lawson 
191 lbs. 2nd Ekhern 
Team Results: 4th

Sunnyvale High CCS and NCI History

Sunnyvale High CCS and NCI Place Winners
Sunnyvale High School was closed in 1982 due to extreme prejudice by the FUHSD Board

1962 (NCI only)

NCI 4th Garza Heavyweight

1964 (NCI only)

NCI 4th Rosecrans 95 lbs.

1965 (NCI only)

NCI 2nd Steve McKeown 138 lbs.

1966 (first year of the CCS Tournament)

1st Dave Kendrall 141 lbs. (2nd at NCI 138 lbs.)


4th Rivera 106 lbs. (also placed 4th at NorCal)
4th Araujo 130 lbs.


3rd Rivera 103 lbs. (also placed 6th at NorCal)


3rd John Baza 130 lbs.


4th Bud Coons 157 lbs.


3rd Ed Baza 130 lbs.


3rd Brian Canali 103 lbs.

CCS Wrestling History

Wrestling becomes the first CCS competition after the split from NCS in 1966


FHS wins the first ever CCS Wrestling team title.

2nd Allen Dunn (148 lbs.)
2nd Larry McCoid (178 lbs.)
2nd Steve Wilhelm (Hwt.)
3rd Fogelman (123 lbs.)


FHS repeats as team champions and has five individual champions

1st Allen Dunn(145 lbs.)
1st Brendt Noon (154 lbs.) OW
1st Larry Noon (165 lbs.)
1st Larry McCoid (178 lbs.)
1st Steve Wilhelm (Hwt.)
4th Tom Morrison (106 lbs.)
4th Gene Delaney (123 lbs.)


FHS wins their third straight CCS team title and Brendt Noon becomes the first Indian to win back to back individual titles.

1st Tom Morrison (115 lbs.)
1st Walt Nakabayashi (136 lbs.)
1st Brendt Noon (168 lbs.)
2nd Hawthorne (130 lbs.)
4th Bobby Garcia (106 lbs.)


Fremont takes second in the team standings to Los Gatos, Brendt Noon wins his third individual title.

1st Brendt Noon (178 lbs.)
2nd Bobby Garcia (106 lbs.)
2nd Terry Commons (115 lbs.)
2nd Gary Davis (157 lbs.)


1st Carl Ekern (194 lbs.)


Fremont finished tied for 5th in CCS with Cupertino High.

2nd Lawson (98 lbs.)
3rd Ekern (178 lbs.)
4th Zucker (136 lbs.)


2nd Ekern (194 lbs.)
4th Lawson (115 lbs.)


4th Lawson (123 lbs.)
4th Staats (194 lbs.)


Fremont finished in a 3 way tie for 6th place with Mountain View and Los Gatos.

2nd Marty Mariani (136 lbs.)
2nd Frank Tamura (178 lbs.)


2nd Bobby Kayne (141 lbs.)


4th Bert Ekern (178 lbs.)


1st Bert Ekern (178 lbs.)


Fremont takes second in the team standings with two individual titles.

1st Scott Mariani (178 lbs.)
1st Steve Zankich (194 lbs.)
2nd Jack Lawson (123 lbs.)


3rd Dan Savage (175 lbs.)


3rd Dan Savage (175 lbs.)


4th Albert Gaxiola (126 lbs.)
5th Bobby Soto (98 lbs.)


Fremont finished 10th as a team.

5th Richard Urbano (112 lbs.)
5th Albert Gaxiola (132 lbs.)
5th Phil Davis (245 lbs.)
6th Bryan Huggins (126 lbs.)


4th Bobby Soto (112 lbs.)
6th Bryan Huggins (138 lbs.)


After a decade without a CCS champion Fremont returns with an individual title at 112 lbs.

1st Bobby Soto (112 lbs.)


1st Oliver Salud (130 lbs.)
3rd Marcial Cruz (140 lbs.)
5th Warren Newsome (152 lbs.)


Oliver Salud becomes the second Fremont wrestler in history to win back to back CCS titles.

1st Oliver Salud (135 lbs.)
3rd Warren Newsome (152 lbs.)


4th Joel Valencia (140 lbs.)


2nd Joel Valencia (140 lbs.)
6th Jeremy Piamonte (119 lbs.)


3rd Jeremy Piamonte (130 lbs.)
4th Geoff Beckstrom (285 lbs.)


Fremont took 28th in the team standings.

3rd Matt Sabraw (140 lbs.)
6th Jamie Kashitani (135 lbs.)


Fremont finished 11th in the standings.

2nd Anthony Baza (130 lbs.)
3rd Jamie Kashitani (140 lbs.)
5th Arturo Galano (103 lbs.)


Fremont finished 6th in the standings.

1st Anthony Baza (135 lbs.)
4th Chris Osian (103 lbs.)
4th Chris Healy (145 lbs.)


Fremont finishes 7th in the team standings, Anthony Baza becomes the third Fremont wrestler to repeat as champion.

1st Anthony Baza (145 lbs.)
2nd Chris Osian (112 lbs.)
4th Kia Garcia (125 lbs.)
5th Bayardo Sanchez (135 lbs.)


Fremont finishes 12th.

1st Daniel Atondo (160 lbs.)
2nd Alvin Cacdac (130 lbs.)
3rd Chris Osian (119 lbs.)


Fremont finishes 5th as a team.

2nd Daniel Atondo (160 lbs.)
4th Josh Desherlia (145 lbs.)
5th Joseph Seo (125 lbs.)
5th Bayardo Sanchez (152 lbs.)
6th Ernesto Ancona (215 lbs.)


Fremont takes 2nd in the team standings behind Gilroy.

1st Filip Novachkov (103 lbs.)
1st Greg Crane (140 lbs.)
3rd Joseph Seo (130 lbs.)
3rd Ernesto Ancona (215 lbs.)
4th Kurtis Ogasawara (135 lbs.)


Fremont finishes 3rd in the team standings behind Gilroy and Los Gatos. Filip Novachkov and Greg Crane become the 4th and 5th Fremont wrestlers to win back to back CCS titles.

1st Filip Novachkov (112 lbs.)
1st Greg Crane (152 lbs.)
2nd Boris Novachkov (103 lbs.)
2nd Tommy Staats (189 lbs.)
3rd Kurtis Ogasawara (140 lbs.)


Fremont finishes 2nd in the team standing to Gilroy who sets a team points record. Filip Novachkov and Greg Crane become the 2nd and 3rd Fremont wrestlers to win 3 CCS titles.

1st Boris Novachkov (103 lbs.)
1st Filip Novachkov (119 lbs.)
1st Greg Crane (160 lbs.)
3rd Kurtis Ogasawara (140 lbs.)
3rd Tommy Staats (189 lbs.)


Fremont finishes 11th in the team standings. Boris Novachkov becomes the 6th wrestler to win back to back CCS titles.

1st Boris Novachkov (125 lbs.)
4th La Qunitin Cathey (130 lbs.)
5th Mark Scandalis (135 lbs.)


Fremont finished 12th in the team standings.

3rd LaQuintin Cathey (130 lbs.)
6th Daunte Mills (160 lbs.)
6th Donnie Mena (215 lbs.)


Fremont finishes 16th in the team standings.

5th Casey Johnson (140 lbs.) 


Fremont finishes 8th in the team standings.

1st Joe Johnson (140 lbs.)
5th Casey Johnson (145 lbs.)
5th Hector Cristobal (215 lbs.)
6th Felix Lugo (189 lbs.)


Fremont has its first girls CCS finalist in the second year of the tournaments history.

2nd Athena Herrera (165 lbs.)


Fremont finishes 19th in the team standings.

6th Edward Garcia (132 lbs.)
6th Samer El Nounou (145 lbs.)


Fremont finishes 16th in the team standings.

2nd Gary Miltenberger (287 lbs.)
5th Joey Caires (115 lbs.)

Fremont has its second girls CCS finalist.

2nd Evonne Evien (189 lbs.)


Fremont finishes 2nd in the team standings.

1st Gary Miltenberger (285 lbs.)
3rd Ezra Clark (132 lbs.)
6th Modan Goldman (145 lbs.)
6th Dominick Huerta (160 lbs.)

Girls CCS

3rd Evonne Evien (189 lbs.)


Fremont finishes 3rd in the team standings.

2nd Dominick Huerta (160 lbs.)
3rd Ezra Clark (132 lbs.)
6th Christian Reyes (145 lbs.)


Fremont finishes 10th in the team standings.

3rd Angelo Reyes (113 lbs.)
5th Louis Gueziec (126 lbs.)

Girls CCS

4th Sarah Guettaf (126 lbs.)


Fremont finishes 5th in the team standings.

2nd Angelo Reyes (120 lbs.)
2nd Taniela Feliciano Takafua (182 lbs.)
5th Eli Clark (132 lbs.)

Girls CCS

Fremont places multiple girls in CCS for the first time since the inception of the tournament and has the highest team finish in FHS Wrestling history, 15th. Nicole Lee becomes the 3rd CCS finalist for Fremont, as a sophomore. Melissa Lee becomes the 2nd freshman to place in CCS, unfortunately the first Sarah Guettaf moved to France her sophomore season.

2nd Nicole Lee (106 lbs.)
4th Kyanna Gonzalez (160 lbs.)
6th Melissa Lee (101 lbs.)