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Portrait of Melissa Monroy Reyes


Melissa Monroy Reyes, Class of 2024

Melissa will be attending Cornell University, majoring in Architecture

"As you navigate the next four years at Fremont, remember to take a deep breath and savor these moments with your peers to experience feeling part of such a warm and welcoming community. My time at Fremont was made special by the community of caring and supportive individuals around me. Being part of such a wonderful community has made the ups and downs of high school worthwhile. Running races with my cross country and track team has been the most memorable experience by far. I learned the importance of not only commitment and hard work but also the value of friendships."

Portrait of Samantha Ruiz


Samantha Ruiz, Class of 2024

Samantha will be attending De Anza College, majoring in Biology

"When I look back at the past four years of my life, I am always surrounded by some sort of community. Whether that’s at 8:30 a.m. walking into my first class being greeted by my AVID class, laughing and learning new skills with my cheer team, or creating new events for the school in the comfort of Mr. Kakes ASB classroom with my peers. My main piece of advice I would give to incoming freshmen is to just be your true self. I know that sounds cliche but it’s true. When being able to freely express yourself, you’re able to surround yourself with the people who will only bring you up with them, join the clubs or sports you never knew would impact your life so much, and strive to try your absolute best. It will seem difficult at times having so many things on your plate on top of your life but just remember everything will work itself out in the end."

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