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Meet our Students

Neha Konakalla, Class of 2018

Neha is attending Stanford University, majoring in Artificial Intelligence

"Fremont’s encouraging attitude inspired me to reach for the stars and even solve grand challenges in my own community. Take charge of your own path by following your genuine passions, and keep your eyes wide open for those opportunities that dare you to change the world for the better. My experiences with Fremont’s academic, cultural and extracurricular diversity were instrumental to writing the chapters of my high school story, providing me the keys to unlock doors to scholastic and career success. I am grateful to both the highly approachable staff and students, who challenged me to explore new perspectives and venture into the unknown frontiers of knowledge and humanity."

Frank Wang, Class of 2018

Frank is attending UC Berkeley, double majoring in Engineering Math and Statistics & Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

“At Fremont, there are so many people to meet, so many experiences to be enjoyed and so many memories to be created; these opportunities are right at your fingertips. My time at Fremont has been amazing, largely due to all the people I have been able to form connections with, including the friends, teachers, coaches and administrators who have helped me become a better student, athlete and person. The most important piece of advice I have is to be “FHS” – Focused, Hardworking and Self Confident. Some of my best memories from high school are the times when I applied this and pushed myself beyond my perceived limits to achieve a goal.”

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