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FHS Watermelon Run

The Fremont High School Watermelon Run is a tradition dating back to the early 1980s, when it started as an event for the cross country team. The annual Watermelon Run has since grown from a modest 50 participants to more than 500 in recent years. The 2-mile dash is open to the public, and people of all running skill levels participate each year. A trophy watermelon is awarded to the fastest runners in a number of categories, which include teachers, staff members, alumni and students by grade level. All participants are able to enjoy fresh watermelon at the end of the event.

2019 Watermelon Run

Watermelon Race Winners through the Years

Watermelon Race Bylaws & Regulations (Revised 9/12/05)


First Thursday after Labor Day, 3:30 p.m. at the track

Purpose of Race

To encourage current faculty and students at Fremont High School to share an extracurricular activity; and promote physical fitness and good nutrition (Free watermelon to all participants after race.)


Individual prizes (watermelons) go to winners in the following categories:

  • fastest student (male, female at all four grade levels)
  • fastest teacher (male, female)
  • fastest coach (male, female)
  • fastest alumnae (male, female)
  • fastest parent (male, female)
  • fastest administrator (male, female)
  • fastest classified staff member (male, female)
  • fastest FEA member (male, female)-any other FUHSD district
  • school emloyee
  • family award (highest # of individuals from one family)
  • fastest sibling
  • fastestyoungperson
  • possible categories to be created on race day at the discretion of
  • the race director

Scoring for the Faculty Award

  • Two points for each teacher who covers entire 2.05 mile course (2 loops) *
  • One point for each teacher, former or retired teacher who covers the course (2 loop)
  • One point for each student teacher, former or retired teacher who covers entire course; 1/2 point for each student teacher, former or retired teacher who covers 1 loop. No additional points may be earned for placing in the Top 100 if you only complete half the race.
  • *VERY IMPORTANT: Faculty runners who run 1 loop must inform race directors at end of race for scoring purposes.
  • Someone who teaches in two departments must run for the department he/she teaches the majority of their assignment in.
  • Departments will be organized in the following categories: English, Math, Modern Language, Science, Social Studies, Special Ed, Fine Arts (Art, Drama, Music), Applied Arts (Living Skills, Auto, Business). Only Fremont High teachers count towards department totals.
  • The department with the most points at the conclusion of the race will win the Faculty Award for the school year. To ensure accuracy, the announcement and presentation of the award will not be made until the next regularly scheduled staff meeting.

Faculty Award Bonus Points

  • Two bonus points for runners placing in top 50 runners
  • One bonus point for runners placing 51-100
  • Three bonus points for small departments with 100% participation (i.e. NOT English, Math, Social Studies, Science, Special Ed.)


Following the scoring procedure in cross country races, the top three finishersplaces will be tabulated for each department. The lowest total will be awarded the Toughest Department Award at the next regularly scheduled staff meeting.

All Time Course Records