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Who We Are

Located in the city of Sunnyvale, Fremont High School’s student population mirrors the demographics of Sunnyvale, the County of Santa Clara and California. Opened in 1923, the enrollment is just over 2,100 students, and more than 61 percent of these students speak another language at home, with upward of 60 languages represented. The richness of diversity offers many opportunities and challenges. Fremont High School’s response is to provide a variety of programs designed to meet the needs of all students.

The students and staff at Fremont High School guide the creation of a positive, nurturing learning environment. In support of the school’s mission to ensure high levels of learning for all students, graduates of Fremont High School are able to communicate clearly and persuasively through oral, written and visual work; gather, organize, analyze, synthesize and evaluate information from a variety of sources; work independently, collaboratively and honestly; self-assess, making modifications to increase achievement; connect with the school and community as active, involved citizens; and learn and apply literacy and technology skills to become more effective students. These skills and activities are integrated within the multiple academic disciplines and activities available for students on campus. Fremont High School students have benefited from a variety of grants and local, state and federal funds focused on raising student achievement. A wide spectrum of courses allows students to pursue personal interests and challenge themselves academically while preparing for college and careers beyond high school.

Student leadership programs center on “student voice,” encouraging and facilitating student involvement in school-wide issues. There are also scores of school programs that promote positive learning, such as students for success, AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination), band, choir, drama, journalism, athletics, cheer and dance teams and more than 45 student clubs.