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The visual arts are part of the basics. They communicate forcefully and directly. Students who learn the symbolic structure of the visual arts can respond to and symbolize their experiences in ways that are not dependent on the coding and decoding of verbal language. These skills are especially important in the American culture where information is transmitted both visually and verbally. Experiences in the visual arts lead to the formation of enduring attitudes, values, and satisfying accomplishments.

Staff Directory

Caward, Jon (408) 522-2448 Art Teacher
Naim,Timna (408) 522-2400 ex.3855 Art Teacher
Zweig, Catherine (408) 522-2488 ex.3896 Art Teacher


Art 1, 2, 3

Beginning Art students learn the basic foundation skills of drawing and painting including line, value, form, composition, perspective and color theory. As students advance to Art 2 and 3 they begin to work on creating a series of works that express personal voice in a variety of medium.

3D Design 1, 2, 3

Sculptural Arts is the study of bringing ideas and concepts into three dimensional form. This program explores a variety of media including wire, clay, paper mache, etc. Students who have a background in two dimensional arts including drawing and painting, are encouraged to expand their talents and apply them to their forms.

Ceramics 1-2, 3-4

Fremont High School students are fortunate to work in a fully equipped studio with six electric wheels, 2 kilns, a slab roller and two clay bodies. Ceramics 1 students are introduced to a variety of hand building techniques including pinch, slab and coil. Various types of projects build personal expression and refine fluency in visual media. Students build capacity in visual expression through drawing and surface design as well as sculptural forms. Students can gain some exposure to the ceramics wheel, though this can become more of a focus in ceramics 2. Advanced ceramics students (ceramics 3 and 4) work independently towards deepening their practice in clay. Students progress to ceramics 3-4 after successful completion of two years of the 1-2 curriculum.

AP Studio Art

Open to Seniors who wish to experience a college level visual art class based on individual portfolio development. Students develop a body of work based on a theme, demonstrating breadth, depth and mastery of their chosen medium.

Studio Art

Studio Art is an advanced level mixed media class that is open to all students who have taken one art class and who are passionate about continuing their development in visual art.