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Physical Education

Our goal is to prepare our students for life in our society. Our objectives are to give the students information and basic skills they will need for survival and longevity. We expect our students to go away with an understanding of and a positive attitude towards physical fitness and wellness. Our two years of required Physical Education (PE) are divided into two programs—PE 9 core and PE 10 electives. The unit activities are instruction oriented and of two types—survival and carry-over life time activities. The survival activities are designed to give our students the knowledge and skills needed to have a healthy life. In the carry-over activities, we are attempting to expose our students to a variety of experiences, some of which they might pursue for a lifetime.

Students must pass a total of 20 PE credits (10 credits of PE 9 10 credits of PE 10 elective). Athletes may earn PE credit for their sport in place of PE 10. Contact Athletic Director Jason Townsend for more information.

Staff Directory

Chen, Anthony (Mac) (408) 522-3851 PE Teacher
Irwin, Lauren (408) 522-2488 ex.3868 PE Teacher/AVID/Dept. Lead
Trumpp, Jessica (408) 522-3864 PE Teacher
Townsend, Jason (408) 522-2431 Athletic Director


9th Grade CORE Program

This basic course is required of all freshman students, and includes instruction in beginning and intermediate skills, basic rules, history and etiquette in a variety of sports. In addition, there will be a health unit and various writing activities. To complete the foundation program a student is required to complete the objectives of all activities.

Physical Education Elective (10th, 11th and 12th Grade)

The elective program is designed to allow individual choice in the selection of physical education activities. Emphasis is on the continued development of student knowledge and basic skills in such activities as basketball, dance, racket sports, soccer, volleyball and weight training.

Course Syllabus


The State requires that all students pass two (2) full years of Physical Education in order to graduate from high school. The 9th grade Physical Education course is mandatory for all freshmen. PE 9 offers students instruction in a wide-range of individual and team sports and additional activities which improve their fitness levels and provide students with knowledge to live healthy and productive lives. Students can complete their second year of Physical Education by enrolling in a PE Elective class such as PE 10-12, Basketball or Weight Training.

  • Swimming
  • Basketball
  • Pickleball
  • Floor Hockey
  • Dance
  • Volley Tennis
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Weight Training
  • Health
  • Physical Fitness Testing

PE Electives (Open to 10th, 11th and 12th graders)

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Softball
  • Dance
  • Soccer
  • Weight Training
  • Lacrosse
  • Floor Hockey
  • Badminton

Student Expectations and Responsibilities

  1. To attend class in physical education uniform for the prescribed activity. PE uniform consists of FHS Physical Education t-shirt, FHS Physical Education shorts, socks, and tennis shoes. No sandals/dress shoes/boots are permitted. During the swimming unit students are required to wear a swimming suit.

  2. To be on time! Students are given 5 minutes after the tardy bell to change in be in their assigned role call place.

  3. To complete course work and assignments.

  4. To be responsible for all parent, doctor, office admit/tardy notes and make-up days (See policy below).

  5. To ensure assigned personal locker is secured and locked. There will be no sharing of lockers/combinations.

  6. To take care of physical education clothes which includes: labeling, proper storage and cleaning them regularly.

  7. To be respectful of locker, locker room, equipment, facilities, instructors and fellow students.

  8. No food, drinks, or gum, iPods, cell phones, or other computer devices or toys are allowed in Physical Education class.

  9. To abide by FUHSD Academic Honesty Policy.

10. To stay within the locker rooms until the passing bell rings.

Locker Room Rules

The locker room is provided for dressing and showering. Students are not allowed to be within the locker room when an instructor is not present. The locker rooms will be locked during brunch and lunch.

A locker will be assigned to each student at the beginning of the school year. Please ensure your locker is locked at all times. Do not bring valuables such as cell phones, iPods, iPads, computer devices or money to class or store within your lockers. FHS PE staff, administration and FUHSD is not responsible for lost/stolen items. Any student caught stealing in the locker rooms will be turned into administration and prosecuted to full extent of the law.

At the end of each period students are to wait in the locker room or behind the yellow line outside until the passing bell rings.

Grading Policy

Students may earn an A, B, C, D or F in Physical Education. Grades are based upon participation/effort, assessment and behavior. It is very important that students dress out properly in their PE uniform, participate properly daily, and act in an appropriate manner. Students with excessive non-suits, non-participation or lack of attendance (tardies, cuts, absences) will earn a poor/failing grade in Physical Education. For excused absences students are able to complete “Make-Ups” during PE staff office hours on Fridays.

Deduction of Participation Points are as follows:

  • Excused Absence= Allowed to make up
  • Non-Excused Absence= -5
  • Tardy= -2
  • Non-Suit= -3 to-5
  • Non Participation= -1 to -5
  • Disruptive Behavior= -1 to -5

Grading Scale: 90-100= A 80-89=B 70-79= C 60-69=D 60-Below=F

*Excused non-participations will be determined by the student and teacher in special circumstances where the student is not physically able to complete the work.

Students with medical excuses are expected to attend class so that they may benefit from observing the instruction and activity

  • Parent Note- A parent may request their son/daughter be excused from participating in PE for 1 to 3 days by writing a note for the student to bring to PE class on the day they wish to be excused.
  • Doctor’s Note- If the student cannot participate for more than three days, a note is required from a medical doctor in order for the student to be excused. The doctor’s medical note MUST HAVE the start and end date of the medical excuse and explain specifically what the student can and cannot do in PE during the duration of the medical note.

Facilities & Equipment Care

Students are not allowed to be in the pool area/weight room/paved areas/fields without supervision of a physical education teacher/coach/certified staff member. All of these areas are to be treated with respect and used correctly. Students are to stay off fences, backstops, and backboards/nets/rims. Students who damage facilities/equipment will be responsible for it’s replacement and disciplinary action will be taken.

Athletic shoes with rubber soles are only allowed on gym surfaces. No gum/food/candy is allowed during class or in PE facilities and locker rooms.


Students are responsible for letting their instructor know if they have injuries or are injured during class time. If necessary students will be sent to the school nurse/office for moderate/severe injuries needing attention. Parents/guardians will be contacted in the event a serious injury takes place.

Teacher Availability

Teachers are available during Friday office hours along with teacher prep periods.

  • Boys PE/Athletic Office: 408-522-2426
  • Girls PE Office: 408-522-2434