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Social Studies

Currently, Fremont High School has a three-year Social Studies Program. The department has been working on writing skills throughout the grade levels. It is our intention to develop foundational skills in the 10th grade and continue to develop them as students matriculate through our program.

Staff Directory

Beckstrom, Geoff (408) 522-2488 ex.3819 Social Studies Teacher & Department Chair
Clark, Moris (408) 522-2431 Social Science Teacher
Irvine, Brian (408) 522-2488 ex.3833 Social Studies Teacher
Kakes, Jeff (408) 522-2488 ex.3826 Social Studies Teacher/AVID Teacher
Michelet, Sarah (408) 522-2488 ex.3801 Social Studies Teacher
Sharp, Kathy (408) 522-2488 ex.3892 Social Studies Teacher
Summers, Eric (408) 522-2488 ex.3905 Social Studies Teacher/AVID Teacher
Wen, Geoff (408) 522-2488 Social Studies Teacher


World History

In this course, students examine major turning points in the shaping of the modern world and the rise of Democratic ideas from the late eighteenth century to the present. The year begins with an introduction to current world issues and then continues with a focus on the expansion of the West and the growing interdependence of people and cultures throughout the world including Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

US History

In this course, students study the History of the United States in the twentieth century. The year begins
with a review of U.S. History prior to the 20th Century. After the review unit, this course will study:
America at the turn of the Century, United States as a world power, the 1920’s, the Great Depression
and New Deal, United States in World War II and the post-war period, U.S. foreign policy since World
War II, the Civil Rights movement, and the Unites States in contemporary society.

AP US History

Recommended: Students should have earned a “B” or better in their previous history class and have
strong writing skills. This survey course gives students a thorough grounding in facts, and goes on to
examine the significance of facts, their contexts, as well as their causes and results. This course is
designed to provide students with the analytic skills and factual knowledge necessary to deal critically
with the problems and material in United States history. Students learn how to read historical material
analytically and critically, to weigh historical evidence and interpretations and to arrive at conclusions
based on facts. Students should expect a steady and heavy load of reading from the textbook, in
addition to Document Based and Free Response essays that put particular demands on historical
knowledge and the ability to make and prove a historical argument. Unlike the mainstream US History
course, where there is single focus on the US in the 20th Century, AP US History covers the entire scope
of our history, from the Amerindian settlements to contemporary American issues. The course makes
demands similar to those found in introductory college courses and prepares students for success on
the AP US History test held in early May.


The course covers economic principles such as production, supply and demand, profits, distribution of goods, competition, money and banking, government monetary and fiscal policies, credit insurance, securities market and comparative economic systems.

US Government

The goals of this course are to give an understanding of democratic processes and an awareness of the values and social framework that support them. Major units in the course are federal government, state government, political parties, elections, and selected issues of government in the United States.

AP US Government

Recommended: Students should have earned a “B” or better in their previous history class and have strong writing skills. The advanced placement course in government parallels an introductory college course in political science. The course is designed to give students a thorough understanding of and critical perspective on the system of US government politics, policy, and practices. Instruction emphasizes understanding course content by way of in-depth research and analysis. Furthermore, students will apply their understanding of the subject matter to both historical and current political events and analyze their impact on American society. AP US Government and Politics is a tightly structured, highly demanding, fast-paced college-level course in which students study a year’s amount of curriculum in only one semester. Students will be required to read the college-level textbook and supplemental readings. Expository writing will be required. Ideally, this course is really for those students who are specifically interested in government and politics.

AP US Microeconomics

Recommended: Students should have earned a “B” or better in their previous history class and have
strong writing skills. The purpose of the Advanced Placement course in Economics is to give students a
thorough and advanced understanding of the principles of economics that apply to the functions of
individual decision makers, both consumers and producers, within the larger mixed market economic
system. It places primary emphasis on the nature and functions of decision making by households and