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Guidance Team

The philosophy of the Fremont Guidance Department is to help support students through their academic, career and personal development. Utilizing individual meetings, classroom presentations and evening programs, the guidance team works at helping every student meet their individual goals.

It is important to keep your contact information and email address updated in Infinite Campus so you can receive guidance emails and to check the website often for program updates.

Staff Directory

Sandy Woosley, Guidance Counselor

Sandy Woosley

Last Name: A-D

(408) 522-2459

Sherry Fazzio, Guidance Counselor

Sherry Fazzio

Last Name: A-D

(408) 522-2459

Vanessa Goulart, Guidance Counselor

Vanessa Goulart

Last Name: E-LL

(408) 522-2480

Ana Franco, Guidance Counselor

Ana Franco

Last Name: LM-RA

(408) 522-2428

Dan Amezquita, Guidance Counselor

Dan Amezquita

Last Name: Rb-Z

(408) 522-2484

Jeff Rosado

Assistant Principal 


(408) 522-2411

Lorena Moreno

Guidance Support

(408) 522-2412

Laine Sazon


(408) 522-2405



 Lupita Yanez 

College & Career Center

(408) 522-2404

Sue Yim, Data Tech

Sue Yim

Data Tech

(408) 522-2406


Students may drop-in during breaks and after school to see a Counselor without an appointment. Oftentimes, there are many students waiting so students have the option to complete an online request and the Counselor will contact the students. Parents/Guardians may also use this form to request an appointment.

Student Request to See a Counselor

Schedule Change Request

Drops and Level Changes Only

Please use the following link to request a level change within a course or to drop a class. The Guidance Counselors will review your request. If they can make the move without speaking with you in person, you will receive a response from them via email. If your request requires a conversation, they will reach out to you. Please allow 48-72 hours for the Guidance team to get back to you. 

Important Drop Dates

Semester 1

  • October 12 – Last day to drop with Nothing
  • November 28 – Last day to drop with “W”

Semester 2

  • March 15 - Last day to drop with Nothing
  • May 10 – Last day to drop with “W”

Drop and Level Change Requests

School Profile

The School Profile highlights Fremont's student community including achievements, athletics and college acceptance.