Incoming Students

LINK Program for Incoming Freshmen

We are excited to announce a new program for our incoming Freshmen Class of 2022! We are now using LINK as a program to replace Common Ground for next school year in August during our Freshmen Firebird Fiesta. LINK will significantly increase participation because every incoming freshman will be taking part of the program - all 600 students. 

What is the GOAL of LINK?

The overarching goal is for incoming students to feel safe, connected, excited, and motivated to partake in the full range of educational and positive social opportunities offered at Fremont High School.

Essential outcomes for LInK


Students are introduced to the peers, teachers, and resources that are available to them in their new school community


Students gain a sense of belonging and begin to see themselves as a valued member of the community


Students are energized and look forward to beginning their new school experience with less anxiety and fear


Students are inspired to be successful students who are engaged and involved

Freshman Parent Handbook

If you need to get more information about Fremont please make sure to read our Freshman Parent Handbook. You should receive a copy of this handbook in your student's Fremont Folder which they will receive during course selection at their middle school.

Freshman Parent Handbook