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Enrichment Options

Summer Programs

Please visit Naviance and/or our College and Career Planning website for a list of summer programs available. 

For current students who are interested in applying to summer programs requiring counselor recommendations, please follow the steps below:

  1. Must submit requests at least 2 weeks before due date.
  2. Complete a Summer Program Personal Information Sheet.
  3. Provide copies of PSAT and SAT scores if needed for the program.
  4. Provide an addressed and stamped envelope if mailing of recommendation is necessary.

Please note, if a teacher(s) recommendation is required, please consider the process above, but check with the individual teacher promptly.

Concurrent Enrollment

Follow the steps below to sign up for classes at a community college:

  1. Apply to the college that you intend to attend;
  2. Take placement tests when necessary (for math, English, and sometimes science);
  3. Complete the correct concurrent enrollment forms (signatures needed from guidance counselor and assistant principal); and
  4. Register during the designated registration period.


Although students are able to be concurrently enrolled at any local community college, this website pertains to De Anza College since it is the most common community college that FHS students attend for concurrent enrollment.

The first opportunity to take a course at De Anza College is the summer following 10th grade.

Please remember, community college courses are for enrichment purposes and are not required for high school graduation or university admissions.  

The courses are: college level classes (not equivalent to a high school honors or AP class), held on a college campus, taught by college professors, is secondary to a student's high school schedule (it must be taken outside of the student's school day), and are not courses that FHS Guidance Counselors can provide information on.

Step Description Information
Step 1

Check the Academic Calendar for important dates and deadlines

De Anza Calendar
Step 2

Apply for admissions online

(complete once - student will be emailed their De Anza student ID number)

De Anza Registration Portal
Step 3

Print "Permit to Enroll" and "Consent for Treatment of Minor" forms

(complete EACH TIME when registering for classes)

De Anza Concurrent Enrollment
Step 4

Based on the Academic Calendar - review Schedule of Classes when available each quarter

(information needed to complete the "Permit to Enroll" including course code, courses name, and units are indicated in the Schedule of Classes)

De Anza Schedule

Step 5 Complete "Permit to Enroll" form - obtain signatures by Guidance Counselor and Assistant Principal  
Step 6 Based on the Academic Calendar - register online for class(es) listed on the "Permit to Enroll form