Enrichment Options

Outside Courses

Before you take an outside course, you must submit a Request for Credit from an Outside Educational Institution form found in the Guidance Office. Courses taken for enrichment purposes are not transferred to the FHS transcript. Additional paperwork may be required for community college courses.

While we do not advertise or promote outside institutions you may visit the University of California website for information on UC approval and accreditation.

College Courses

Tips to keep in mind when considering Community College

  • It is not mandatory to take a community college class to be admitted to college
  • All classes and grades must be reported to colleges
  • College classes do not always replace D or F grades earned in high school courses, even if FHS approves a replacement course
  • Students attempting to replace a D or F grade on their high school transcript should talk to their guidance counselor about the course being considered
  • Students are encouraged to explore a subject not offered in high school, such as Psychology or Astronomy, or take a class for enrichment – take Guitar lessons or Hip Hop Dance just for fun. 
  • If you are trying to earn college units, please visit the ASSIST website to identify UC and CSU transferable college courses.
  • To determine if a class counts as a UC a-g course for eligibility (to meet minimum requirements) visit the University of California website for the full UC A-G Course List.

Please note: Enrichment classes taken at a community college will not be recorded on the FHS high school transcript, but remain on the college transcript. It is the student’s responsibility to report college courses on college applications and submit official transcripts during the application process. Because Fremont believes that students should balance their academic loads, students should limit to one college class per quarter/semester. Students with special circumstances must speak to their guidance counselor and may possibly be referred to their assistant principal.

Community College Process

Each community college has its own policy regarding age and grade level of students eligible to take courses. They also have their own rules for what classes high school students can take. Please visit their websites to find school-specific information. 

Step 1: Apply to the community college you intend to attend

Step 2: Download and complete the correct concurrent enrollment form from the community college website

Step 3: Bring the concurrent enrollment form and the Request for Credit from an Outside Educational Institution form to your Guidance Counselor for the required signature.