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Incoming Students

For Private and Non-Feeder Families please begin your registration process at the FUHSD District office. Information can be found on the FUHSD Enrollment and Residency webpage.


Student Shadow Days are an exciting opportunity designed to assist current 8th graders in learning more about Fremont High School before they start. Prospective students will shadow a student leader, go to their classes, learn about activities and sports, and meet other prospective students.

El Shadow Day es una oportunidad para estudiantes del 8 grado para aprender más sobre la escuela secundaria de Fremont antes de que comiencen. Los estudiantes asistirán con un estudiante de Fremont a sus clases, aprenden sobre actividades y deportes, y se reúnen con otros estudiantes potenciales.

Shadow Day Dates and Applications

Math Information

For more information about Math Courses for incoming 9th graders please visit the FAQ tab in the Course Selection portion of our website.You will also find the Request for Sequence Advancement via a Summer Class for Incoming Freshman form through the Course Selection link.

Java/Culinary Lottery Information

Incoming 9th graders may complete this form to enter the lottery for either Java or Intro to Culinary. If there is space available for Freshman in either course by the end of May, I will randomize the list and take the top names to fill the open spots. You will only be contacted if your name is selected. I will not be communicating with families otherwise regarding the lottery.

URL: https://goo.gl/forms/BrEXMIGHFGnsPC943

Language Placement Test: April 4

Parents and students: If you believe you might be ready for a level other than Level One AND you haven't taken a placement test given by FHS at your middle school OR you have successfully completed two years at Cup MS or Lawson MS, then we would like you to come take our placement test on April 4 at Fremont. Japanese, Spanish and French at 1:30 or 3:45 and Chinese only at 3:45.  We want to know who is coming, so please fill out this form to reserve your spot. 

LINK Program for Incoming Freshmen

We are excited to announce a new program for our incoming Freshmen Class of 2023! We are now using LINK as a program to replace Common Ground for next school year in August during our Freshmen Firebird Fiesta. LINK will significantly increase participation because every incoming freshman will be taking part of the program - all 600 students. Check back in Spring 2019 for signup information.  

What is the GOAL of LINK?

The overarching goal is for incoming students to feel safe, connected, excited, and motivated to partake in the full range of educational and positive social opportunities offered at Fremont High School.

Essential outcomes for LInK


Students are introduced to the peers, teachers, and resources that are available to them in their new school community


Students gain a sense of belonging and begin to see themselves as a valued member of the community


Students are energized and look forward to beginning their new school experience with less anxiety and fear


Students are inspired to be successful students who are engaged and involved

Freshman Parent Handbook

If you need to get more information about Fremont please make sure to read our Freshman Parent Handbook. You should receive a copy of this handbook in your student's Fremont Folder which they will receive during course selection at their middle school.

Freshman Parent Handbook

Parent Nights