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School Site Council

The FHS School Site Council (SSC) is a forum for teachers, administrators, students, and parents to discuss and resolve issues of importance to the Fremont High School community. As part of their charter, they also develop an annual school plan which includes:

  • Curricula, instructional strategies and materials responsive to the individual needs and learning styles of each pupil.
  • Instructional and auxiliary services to meet the special needs of non-English-speaking or limited-English-speaking pupils, including instruction in a language these pupils understand; educationally disadvantaged pupils; gifted and talented pupils; and pupils with exceptional needs.
  • A staff development program for teachers, other school personnel, paraprofessionals, and volunteers, including those participating in special programs.
  • Ongoing evaluation of the educational program of the school.
  • Other activities and objectives as established by the council.

The School Site Council annually reviews the school plan, establishes a new School Improvement Program budget, and if necessary, makes other modifications in the plan to reflect changing needs and priorities of our school.


Parent Representatives

  • Liz Brockman
  • Dione Chen
  • Swapna Honavar
  • Priya Prasad
  • Ruhua You

Student Representatives

  • Rachel Brockman (12th)
  • Seung (Sami) Jin (12th)
  • Nicole Lee (11th)
  • Melissa Lee (10th)
  • Alana Brockman (9th)

Staff Representatives

  • Ana Franco (Guidance)
  • Ji Young Kim (Teacher)
  • Dana Kuhlman (Teacher)
  • Shelly Green (School Psychologist)
  • Isabel Sandoval (Teacher)
  • Mary Depew (AP Secretary)
  • Bryan Emmert (Principal)
  • Noe Ochoa (Assistant Principal)

Meeting Schedule

Dates TBD