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Fremont Firebirds Cheer Team

Ohana means family, and family means no body gets left behind or forgotten. This has been a motto that our program has always stuck with and implemented to our athletes. Our team strives to shape our cheerleaders into successful student athletes and role models to the school and community. We create and influence a safe environment that is inclusive and positive. Cheer is a year-long commitment that will give those interested in joining an amazing experience! From camps/clinics, games, and rallies; you have the opportunity to grow and meet so many new people and teams! 

Fremont Firebirds Competition

Commitment. Determination. Power. Spirit. We keep these in mind as we go out and compete against other schools. As a sport, we are determined to leave our mark! We work hard, as we represent Fremont and the drive of previous alumni before us.

Cheer Coaching Staff

Dan Callanta - Head Coach

Raina Bried - Assistant Coach 

Beth Francisco - JV Coach

Hannah Moshtaghi - Specialty Coach 


  • Jaidyn Balsara 
  • Lotem Behar 
  • Lilly Dasgupta 
  • Addie Diesner 
  • Kiara Gaddis 
  • Sari Mai 
  • Michelle Overcamp 
  • Johanna Padillia 
  • Brissa Paniagua-Farias 
  • Maya Reuven 
  • Jellien Visperas (JV Captain) 


  • Gal Bejerano 
  • Carmel BenDavid 
  • Jade Blume 
  • Gaby Coker 
  • Cailin Cusi 
  • Roni Danino 
  • Davina Driscoll 
  • Maya Fahlberg 
  • Hailey Gabbard 
  • Liel Gavriel 
  • Xiara Hunter 
  • Eshika Jaini 
  • Lydia Malashock (Varsity Co-Captain) 
  • Sophia Marinova 
  • Jenna Rezonable 
  • Samantha Ruiz 
  • Emily Sansano 
  • Anastasia Savastio 
  • Alexis Vang 
  • Gianna Vargas (Head Cheerleader)