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Track & Field

We strive for all student-athletes to have a happy, healthy and confidence-building experience, each year in our program.

FUHSD teams have clearance from the district to return to conditioning effective Tuesday January 19


Track & Field Conditioning will continue to be the Tuesday, Thursday evening slots, Saturday morning time we had in the previous Conditioning schedule 

  • Tuesday & Thursday 6:00pm - 7:30pm
  • Saturday at 10:00am
  • Please enter through the gate on Westside Ave (the gate between the Track shed & the visitors stands)

Several points of emphasis to know before beginning:

Go Firebirds!

Best regards,

Coach Shields




Hi Firebirds,

Happy New Year!

Here are some Coach-suggested on-your-own workouts to begin on Monday, January 11th, 2021 

  • The workouts are divided by event groups
    • Student-athletes who have done very little on-their-own training (an average of once-to-twice per week, or less), since November 9th, please do the next lower volume workout
      • Example: if the student-athlete is normally a distant runner (DR), but haven't been training, he/she/they should do the 800/400 runner workout
    • If the student-athlete is a multi-event athlete, they should do the workout of the longer event
      • Example: the student-athlete runs the 800m and does the triple jump. This student-athlete should do the 800/400 workouts.

Monday, January 11th, 2021 

  • DR's 65 minute run/jog
  • 800/400: 45 min jog
  • 300mH: 35 min jog
  • SPR/JMP/HRD(110/100): 30 min jog
  • THR: 20 min jog/walk


Tuesday; January 12th, 2021 

  • DR's: 9 x (Jog 5 min, then do 15 squat-hops, 10 push-ups, 20 walking lunge, 20 straight-legged bound, 5 burpees), then jog 5 min cooldown.
  • 800/400 runners; 6 x (Jog 5 min, then do 15 squat-hops, 10 push-ups, 20 walking lunge, 20 straight-legged bound, 5 burpees), then jog 5 min cooldown.
  • 300mH: 5 x (Jog 5 min, then do 15 squat-hops, 10 push-ups, 20 walking lunge, 20 straight-legged bound, 5 burpees), then jog 5 min cooldown.
  • SPR/JMP/HRD (100/110):4 times the above circuit
  • THR; 2 times the above circuit


Wednesday workout (recovery day (active rest));

  • DR's 40 minute jog
  • 800/400/300mH: 25 min jog
  • SPR/JMP/HRD: 20 min jog/walk
  • THR: 20 min walk/jog


Thursday workout;

  • DR's: 25- minute run
  • 800M/400M/300mH student-athletes: 15-minute run/jog 
  • JMP/SPR (100/200): 15-minutes jog 
  • Throwers: 10 minutes jog 
  • DRILLS: 2x (A-skip, Butt-Kicks, Carioca, Sideways-jacks, Backwards run)
    • DR's: 8x (stride 150, 2-min jog recovery) 
    • 800M/400M/300mH: 6x (stride 150, 2-min jog recovery)
    • SPR/JMP/HRD: 4x (Run 150, 3-min walk rec), EEG 
    • THR: 4x (spr 50, walk 100), 12x (scale disc, shot)
  • Everyone, 10-minute jog/walk cool down



  • Rancho San Antonio. if you can get to it, otherwise neighborhood LSD
    • DR's 40 minute jog
    • 800/400/300mH: 30 min jog
    • SPR/JMP: 25 min jog
    • THR: 20 min walk/jog

Saturday, Jan 16th

  • Neighborhood LSD
    • DR's 40 minute jog
    • 800/400/300mH: 30 min jog
    • SPR/JMP/ HRD: 25 min jog
    • THR: 20 min walk/jog
    • DRILLS: 2x (A-skip, Butt-Kicks, Carioca, Sideways-jacks, Backwards run)
      • DR's: 8x (run 150, jog 90 seconds) E,E,E,G
      • 800/400/300mH: 6x (run 150, 90 seconds) E,E,G
      • SPR/JMP/ HRD: 4x (run 150, jog 2-minutes) E,E,E,G
      • THR: 25 min walk/jog; 6x (sprint 30 meters, walk 100)

11/29: T&F team-oriented group conditioning paused indefinitely by Santa Clara County Public Health Department


Before attending, please review the below forms, fill out needed items 

  1. A current physical exam (exams are good for one year only)
  2. Complete Physical Exam Form Part 1 and Part 2
  3. Registration at athleticclearance.com
  4. A completed concussion test see link complete
  5. A completed FUHSD Fall Fitness and Conditioning Program Agreement

Those who have not attended any conditioning sessions this school year, you should go to this link for New Conditioning Attendees before each session.

Winter Conditioning Schedule, beginning Tuesday November 3rd

  • Tuesdays, 6:00pm to 7:30pm, Fremont Track
  • Thursdays, 6:00pm to 7:30pm, Fremont Track
  • Saturdays, 10:00am to 12:00 noon, Fremont Track

No practices: Nov 27th, Dec 24th, Dec 26th, Dec 31st, Jan 2nd 

For those attending Winter Conditioning, we will see you under the lights! Go Firebirds!

Best regards,

Coach Shields


Track & Field Season officially begins March 15th, 2021


FULL TEAM EVENT-GROUP SUMMARY: ABBREVIATED 2020 Track & Field Season             (linked PDF)


Big hugs and high-fives to our graduating seniors: the season, and semester, were just too short. We will miss all of you;

  • Fearless Four-year Firebirds
    • Captain, Samantha Wu, (jumps & distance).
    • Captain, Zach Oren (Jumps, middle-distance, relays (2017 EC TJ Champion))
    • Captain, Karen Dam (Throws, hurdles, Relays)
    • Captain, Neel Bhargava (Distance, FHS 2020 Male Athlete of the Year),
    • Captain, Cassius Fiaui (Throws, FHS Shot Put record holder, 2017 EC JV Shot Champion, 2-times CCS Shot put competitor, 2020 ranked 2nd in CCS Shot put))
    • Captain, Kyle DuVal (Distance)
    • Captain, Rohan Kale (Sprints, hurdles, relays)
    • Co-Captain, Huy Tran (Jumps, sprints)
    • Co-Captain, Trevor Ong (Jumps)
    • Connor McCaffrey. (Sprints & relays)
    • Jordyn Laihipp, (Sprints & Relays)
  • Three-year 3-peat Firebirds
    • Captain, Alex Workman (Distance, middle-distance & relays)
    • Co-Captain, Yash Gajula (Sprints & Relays)
    • Aakash Davasam (Distance)
    • Aditya Kini (Distance)
    • Linda Tran (Jumps)
  • Two-year, but-not-too-late, Firebirds
    • Anais Chevalier (Sprints & Relays)
    • Zoe Chevalier (Sprints & Relays)
    • Anais Eichner (Sprints & Relays)
    • Melissa Lee (Sprints & Relays, 2020 FHS Female Athlete of Year)
  • One-and-done Firebirds
    • Boaz Nakhimovsky
    • Jaydon Morris
    • Daniel Nguyen

Come back to visit, when you can. You are always welcomed, and you will always be Firebirds!


EL CAMINO LEAGUE (division) Virtual Champions Meet linked here, Lynbrooksports.com/ECL)

*Virtual meet results are taken from all marks over 2 1/2 weeks;

  • Fremont Boys, 4th place, Fremont Girls, 2nd place
    • Fremont Virtual ECL Champions;
      • Shot Put, Cassius Fiaui
      • 1600m, Jonathan Halperin
      • 100m Hurdles, Trisha Sharma (1,2 Trisha and Briana)
      • 300m Hurdles, Trisha Sharma

*Actual Season Results, along with pictures, are on our Fremont Athletic.Net webpage 


A shout out to Team Mom's, and a thank you to Anna Oren, our graduating Team Mom

Anna Oren, will be graduating from her team-mom duties as Zach moves on to UC Davis.

The Team Mom role is a key role in helping to coordinate logistics and planning around Track & Field (and other sports). The position for FHS T&F has usually been held for 1,2 or 3 years. With the Mom often doubling as the Cross Country Team Mom.

We have had some excellent Team Mom’s over my 16 seasons at Fremont (Deb Staab, Naomi Hascalovici, Rachel Rohrer, Darlene Cross, Molly Cox, Cathy Kaufman-Gomez, Jen Bernauer)  so the bar was already high. However, there’s not enough space on this webpage to talk about how efficient and committed Anna Oren has been.

None-the-less, I can give an anecdote from the 2019 Firebird Relays;

I parked next to the Track shed at about 6:35 am, as I unlock the shed, Anna is already walking across the field giving an update on the helpers we will have for the day. During the next 14 hours of dealing with 40 high schools and over 2000 student-athletes, I thought she was sept-tuplets (7 of her). Every station I visited, in between directing track events, she was there;

·         I checked on Coach Louie at the Awards table, Anna was there helping

·         I went to the front gate, to get an entry packet for a team, Anna was there helping

·         I went to event registration, to see if they needed more heat sheets, Anna was there helping.

·         During the meet, I’m in constant communication with the announcers booth, and one of the times I looked up at them, Anna was in the booth

·         I went to the back gate and asked, “Do you need more small bills?” They said, “No Anna just brought some from the front gate”

·         I went to the Long Jump pit, bringing some student helpers because two of the Santa Clara coaches couldn’t make it, Anna was there explaining to kids how to rake the pit

·         At one point, the timer and meet scorer, Hank, says, “Mark, I need some horizontal jump results!” I said, okay, I looked over towards the jumps, Anna is walking towards us carrying triple jump results!

·         7:30pm, the meet is over Anna is already helping Coach Louie and Mrs Ong distribute all of the final medals

·         8:45 all of our coaching staff, some captains, and Anna, finish picking up trash and we leave to go home

To top it off, she's the Cross Country and Band Team Mom: the Band season intersects the XC and T&F seasons! Amazing!!!

Anna, thank you so much, for all of your time and patience!

Hopefully, we won’t need 7 Team Moms’ to replace you!


VIDEO: USA Track & Field Olympians talk about limiting the spread of COVID-19




  • Winter Conditioning (WC) is completely optional: it regularly begins the week after the SCVAL Cross Country (XC) league meet. This year, that date is the week beginning, Monday, November 11th
    • Beginning November 11th: training with coach Shields' non-profit club, Phoenix Conditioning, including Coach Louie
      • Tuesdays at 5:30, Thursdays at 5:30, and Saturdays ("Rancho Breakfast Club") meet between 9:45 & 9:55 in the Fremont pool-side parking lot.
        • On the weekday practices, kids are expected to begin the standard warm-up by 5:40, on their own, practice will end between 7:15 and 7:30.
        • Saturdays' practice will finish between 11:45 am and 12:45 pm depending if attending the post-Rancho strength conditioning.
        • No WC practice: Thursday, Nov. 28th, Tuesday Dec. 24th, Thursday Dec 26th
      • Winter Conditioning begins to focus a little less on learning new skills, and a little more on building a conditioning base
        •  For those who have not been training during the Fall or did not run XC, they will be directed toward more base conditioning work for their 1st 8 attendances
        • Winter Conditioning will go November 11th through February 1st
  • FHS Track & Field 2020 will officially begin on Monday, February 3rd @ 5:30 pm.


  • Fall Conditioning: started for those continuing to show-up from Summer Conditioning.
    • Beginning August 13th: training with coach Shields' non-profit club, Phoenix Conditioning, including Coach Louie
      • Tuesdays at 5:30, Thursdays at 5:30, Saturdays ("Rancho Breakfast Club") meet at 9:45 in Fremont parking lot.
        • On weekdays, kids are expected to begin the standard warm-up by 5:40, on their own, practice will end between 7:15 and 7:30.
        • Saturdays' practice will finish between 11:45 am and 1:00 pm depending if attending the post-Rancho strength conditioning.
      • Fall Conditioning has a little more focus on learning news skills, while continuing to build a conditioning base
        •  For those who have not been training during the Summer, they will be directed toward more base conditioning work for their 1st 8 attendances
        • Fall Conditioning will go August 13th through November 7th


Wednesday August 7th, FHS is offering Physical Exam for $20, Trainer’s Room (under home bleachers), 3:00pm  (could possibly be the only on-campus physical for the whole school year, so take advantage).



  • Summer Conditioning: has already started for those continuing to show-up.
    • Through May 31st: regular weekday practice (excluding Pot-luck day)
    • No practice during graduation week, June 3rd to June 8th
    • Beginning June 11th: train with coach Shields' non-profit club, Phoenix Conditioning
      • Tuesdays at 5:30, Thursdays at 5:30, Saturdays ("Rancho Breakfast Club") meet at 9:45 in Fremont parking lot.
        • On weekdays, kids are expected to begin the standard warm-up by 5:40, on their own, practice will end between 7:15 and 7:30.
        • Saturdays' practice will finish between 11:45 am and 1:00 pm depending if attending the post-Rancho strength conditioning.
      • Competition - CANCELLED: Phoenix Conditioning will plan to compete as a club at the Los Gatos All-comers meet on Thursday, July 25th 
      • No practice on Thursday, July 4th

Pictures below, random: "Rancho San Antonio Breakfast Clubs"


Dedication Awards

Workout-percentage explanation. It is possible to have over 100% in our workout attendance score because;

·         Saturday meets count 2 attendances for 1 day.

·         Winter or Spring break attendances count as 1 free attendances against zero days

·         Some key Friday workouts count as 2 attendances for 1 day

·         Dual meets count as 2 attendances for 2-days  

·         With these attendance extra-point opportunities, one can see why it is easy to not give someone credit for the sport if they are under 85%. The scoring also helps to identify who is getting in the optional workouts, key workouts and competitive experience. 

Trophy of Dedication boys: Idreece Barnes (2019)

Trophy of Dedication girls: Medha Kotra (2022)

·         Medals of dedication (next 8 (9 due to tie) highest attendance scores, regardless of gender)

  • Rohan Kale (2020)

  • Briana Fedkiw (2021)

  • David Zhang (2021)

  • Karen Dam (2020)

  • Samantha Wu (2020)

  • Justin Franklin (2021) 

  • Kohei Tsuchitani (2021)

  • Rakhi Chadalavada (2022)

  • Santiago Torres (2022)

Team MVP's; The MVP not only helps the team by being a regular point scorer, but also is a leader with strong attendance, supports individual team members and helps keep the team together. Setting examples by doing what is asked of them and not complaining or wandering off on their own agenda. Keeping their chin high and supporting others, even when they are having a bad day

  • Girls: Amanda Liu: 8th in scoring, 2nd straight trip to CCS in the shot put, emergency anchor on the girls 4x1, often does both practices, great leadership skills, stays to help clean-up after home meets (long after her events are over).
    • Others receiving votes: Zara Dayal, Brian Fedkiw, Cassius Fiaui 
  • Boys; Idreece Barnes: highest scoring boy, on both sprint relays, regularly scores in both hurdles. Scored in the HJ and the 800 this year. Supports other kids, talks to everyone, stays to help clean-up after home meets. 

Team Highest Scorer,

·         Girls – Cassius Fiaui

·         Boys – Idreece Barnes

  • 2nd highest scoring season of the last 20 years. Passing JJ Escalera (Track/XC scholarship to San Jose State) and Annah Jones' (recruited by UCLA) 2015 and 2016 seasons, only coming in 2nd behind Samantha Louie (2018), currently competing at UC Davis)

Most regular season Team PR’s – Idreece Barnes had 13 PR’s .   

·         Jonathan Mattson had 11

·         Samantha Wu had 11

·         Steven Bhirdo had 9

·         Karen Dam had 8

Most improved:

·    Boys: Jonathan Mattson: over 2-seconds faster in the 110m High Hurdle. 4th in El Camino, on his way to SCVAL. 5-seconds faster in the 300mH

  • Honorable mention, Thomas Le, 10-ft improvement in 10-lb shot!
  • Others receiving votes: Jules Merigot, 4 seconds in the 400m, becomes a strong, dependable lead-off of both Varsity sprint relays, a foot-and-a-1/2 in the Long Jump
  • Girls: Samantha Wu: over 35 seconds in the 1600m, more the 1-minute 45 seconds in the 3200 (she would currently  lap herself from 2018)! Moved to #4 all-time in the 3200 and #9 all-time in the 1600, when she wasn’t near being on the all-time lists last year.  
    • Honorable mention, Cassius, who qualified for CCS last year,  has improved 3 ½ feet in the shot put, moving from #15 all-time to #4.

Comeback Award Winner;

  • Zara was in excellent shape during Winter Conditioning, surely to break into the all-time top 15 in the horizontal jumps. Then, she got the flu, twice, was diagnosed with extremely low-iron the week before the season started (it was "7", normal for girls/women is 12). She continually fought through all of that, continued to help others, her iron level never got to normal, yet she went to SCVAL in the HJ and was on the bubble in the Triple Jump 

Highest Varsity Impact by Fr/So;

·         Girls: Briana Fedkiw – 3rd in over-all scoring, was on varsity 4x100. She provided big varsity points, in dual meets, while taking home much bling on Saturdays as a FSG.  .   

·         Boys: Jonathan Halperin, with Alex Workman injured, and the flu hitting Kyle and Neel– Carried the bulk of varsity 800m/1600m running in dual meets. Going to SCVAL in both events.

Most valuable newcomer;

·     Girls: Rakhi Chadalavada: Freshman who immediately began running varsity in dual meets. On both varsity relays, #10 in attendance. Highest scoring freshman, going to SCVAL in the open 400 and both relays.

·         Boys: Steven Quintana – 5th highest scoring boy. Gave us some varsity balance in our FS-heavy boys throws. He’s going to SCVAL in the shot

Most Valuable Thrower Award;  

·         Girls: Cassius Fiaui

·         Boys: Yusuf 

Chameleon Award winners (scoring points in 7 varsity events or more, or 8 including FS/JV).

·         Idreece: 4x1, 4x4, 400m, 800m, 110Mh, 300mh, LJ, SMR

·         Not too many Chameleons this year. These other people we close

o   Briana: TJ, LJ, VG 100m, VG 4x1, FSG 4X1, FSG SMR,

o   Karen: Shot, Discus, 300mH, 100mH, 4x4, 4x800

o   Roma: JVG 1600M, JVG400M, JVG200M, JVG 300Mh, JVG 4X4, JVG 4X1, JVG HJ

o   Hanna Chellali: 4x1, 4x4, VG 400, HJ, LJ, FSG SMR (going to SCVAL in 4 events)

o   Nano: competed in the 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 4x1, 4x4, 4x8 ,but did not score points in all of them (he also ran 3200 in his junior year)

Kamikaze award winners;

Girls –Tie: Rakhi and Kate, sprinters, ran a 1200 and an 800 at Cup/De Anza meet, to field a FSG Distance medley team   

Boys:  Justin Franklin.


  • El Camino Champion Varsity Boys 110mHH: Idreece Barnes
  • El Camino Champion Varsity Boys 300mH: Idreece Barnes
  • El Camino Champion JVG Shot put: Yadi Set
  • El Camino Champion JVG Discus: Yadi Set
  • El Camino Champion JVG Long Jump: Anika Chandwani
  • El Camino Champion JVG Triple Jump (setting the meet record): Anika Chandwani


  • Amanda Liu, $1500 (see scholarship tab below)
  • Zara Dayal, $1500 (see scholarship tab below)

CCS Results and 2019 Record Book Entries

The 2019 Firebird Track & Field season finished last Friday at the CCS Finals in Gilroy.

None of the Firebird are moving on to State, but Cassius Fiaui and Idreece Barnes were in the top-8 finishers and scored points in the finals.

·         Cassius entered the meet ranked 14th in the shot put and was an alternate. Two other girls did not show-up, so Cass was moved into their slots. She responded with a 2-foot PR, breaking the Fremont school record and moving into 8th place in the CCS finals

·         Idreece Barnes, still battling the flu, finished 5th in the 110 meter high hurdles and 6th in the 300 meter intermediate hurdles.

·         Cassius and Idreece led a calm 2019 assault on the Fremont Track & Field record books.  The Fremont All-Time top 15 record books are filled with league, CCS and state champions. As well as filled with those who went on to NCAA and Olympic careers. This years’ new marks are led by Junior, Cassius Fiaui’s school record in the Shot puts. Breaking Kelly Bushnells 15 year old record.

o   Idreece’s season-best times leave him ranked 12th all-time in the 110 meter High hurdles and 4th all-time in the 300 meter hurdles

§  Idreece will compete at San Jose State, majoring in Engineering. He may end up competing against teammate Jonathan Mattson who has a solid chance of running hurdles at San Francisco State University

o   Junior, Samantha Wu, made her mark on Fremonts' very prestigious top-15 girls distance list. Samantha landed at #10 in the 1600m (mile) and #4 in the 3200m (2-mile), in between SCVAL/CCS standouts JJ Escalera and Julia Huff

o   Senior Alex Cassidy, climbed a few spots from last year to #12 on the High Jump list

o   Sophomore Natalie Waelty, added an event to some of her sprint top 15 rankings, by adding a #15 in the High Jump

o   Freshman, Rakhi Caladavada, whose 400 meter time finished the season as 7th in CCS for freshman girls, cracked the Fremont All-time list at #15 in the 400 meters.  


Fremont @ CCS Preliminaries, Saturday, May 11th, Gilroy, CA

Saturday's results (link);

  • Girls Shot put;
    • Cassius Fiaui threw her 3rd best throw ever, only 3/4 of an inch short of her PR. She is #14 in CCS.
    • Amanda Liu did not have one her best days, she ended up 31st in CCS, but can still be proud of going to CCS in both of her last two years
  • Boys hurdle events
    • 110mHH: although fighting the flu, Idreece Barnes focused on technique on his way to winning his heat against a higher seed, and posting the 2nd fastest qualifying time of the day.
    • 300mH: Idreece was winning the 4th heat, until the last hurdle. He fell on hurdle #8 (last hurdle), but somersaulted across the line. He was 2nd in the heat, but still had the 7th best time of the day

Idreece will compete in both hurdles this coming Friday.


Fremont Track & Field:  CCS Qualifier

Last Friday, the SCVAL Championship / CCS Qualifier (results link) was held at Los Gatos High School.

Four Firebirds qualified directly for CCS, 5 more are "on-the-bubble";

  • For the 2nd year, senior, Idreece Barnes qualified in the 110m High Hurdles and the 300m Intermediate hurdles. Barnes boast CCS top-10 rankings in both events: he’s #7 in the high hurdles, #6 in the 300 hurdles
  • For the 2nd year in a row, Junior, Cassius Fiaui qualified in the girls Shot put. Cass is currently ranked #19 in CCS
  • For the 2nd year in a row, senior, Amanda Liu also qualified in the girls Shot put.
  • Sophomore, Hanna Chellali qualified in the Varsity girls high jump
  • On the bubble for CCS (one-two spots out);

o   Senior, Alex Cassidy, boys high jump

o   Junior, Samantha Wu in the girls 3200m run

o   Sophomore, Brian Fedkiw in two events; the girls Long Jump and Triple jump

o   Sophomore, Natalie Waelty in the Varsity girls high jump

o   Freshman, Rakhi Chadalavada, varsity girls 400m run


  • 3:30 Wednesday, May 8th, at locker room next to the pool
  • Final return, Awards Pot-luck on Monday, May 20th.
  • Any uniforms not in by then;
    • Gets billed
    • Doesn't get end-of-season t-shirt
    • Doesn't get end-of-season quarter-zips
    • Doesn't receive any awards they won.



(Baked by elite baker/distance runner, Samantha Wu)


RESULTS: EL CAMINO DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIPS / SCVAL Qualifier (link)Link to meet pictures

Over 2-days, at last weeks’ El Camino Division Track & Field Championships, the Firebirds crowned “League” champions in six events, on the way to sending 19 varsity student-athletes to the SCVAL/CCS Qualifier.

Wednesday, April 24th, the JV Girls posted dominant performances by sophomore Yadi Set and freshman Anika Chandwani; Yadi became El Camino Champion in the JVG Shot put and the JVG Discus. Anika followed-up by becoming El Camino Champion in the JVG Long Jump and JVG Triple Jump.

In Friday’s Varsity Finals, Idreece Barnes followed the lead of his younger teammates by becoming El Camino Varsity Champion in two events: both the 110m High Hurdles and the 300m Hurdles. The “icing-on-the-cake” to his CCS ranking at #5 in both events.

Additional Fremont student-athletes moving on to the SCVAL/CCS Qualifier;

·         Senior, Alex Cassidy, VB High jump and VB 4x1 relay

·         Senior, Jules Merigot, VB 4x1 relay, VB 4x4, 1st, open 400m alternate

·         Senior, Zara Dayal, VG High Jump, Triple jump alternate

·         Senior, Amanda Liu, VG Shot put

·         Senior, Steven Quintana, VB Shot put

·         Senior, Nadia Anees, VG 4X4 relay & 4x1 relay alternate

·         Senior, Ryan Wingrove, High Jump alternate

·         Senior, Stephanie Escobar, VG 4X4 relay alternate

·         Junior, Cassius Fiaui, VG Shot put, VG Discus

·         Junior, Samantha Wu, VG 1600M and 3200m

·         Junior, Yash Gajula, VB 4X4 relay

·         Junior, Rohan Kale, VB 4x1 relay

          Junior, Zach Oren, VB 4x4 relay, Triple jump alternate

·         Sophomore, Briana Fedkiw, Varsity Girls Long Jump, Varsity girls triple jump, VG 4x1, VG 100m

·         Sophomore, Hanna Chellali, Varsity Girls Long Jump, Varsity girls high jump, VG 4x1, VG 4x4

·         Sophomore, Natalie Waelty, VG High jump, VG 4X1 and VG 4X4

·         Freshman, Jonathan Halperin, Varsity boys 1600m run and 800m run

·         Freshman, Rakhi Chadalavada, Varsity Girls 400m, VG 4x1, VG 4x4



Please return your uniforms/warm-ups (WASHED PLEASE):  Wednesday May 1 after school (~3:30-4:00) at the "locker room" next to the pool


SENIOR DAYSenior Day (last home dual meet)

SENIOR DAY (last home dual meet)

(link to meet pictures)

With a very young team this year, only 15 of our approximate 85 student-athletes will be leaving us.

Big hugs and high-fives to our graduating seniors;

  • Fearless Four-year Firebirds
    • Captain, Zara Dayal (jumps & hurdles (2016 El Camino JVG HJ champion))
    • Captain, Amanda Liu (Throws & sprints (2018 CCS shot put, 2017 EC JVG shot put runner-up))
    • Co-captain, Nathanial Catris, "Nano" (distance, middle-distance and sprints)
    • Co-captain, Nadia Anees (hurdles and sprints)
    • Co-captain, Emmanuel Ramirez (jumps and sprints)
  • Three-year 3-peat Firebirds
    • Captain Idreece Barnes (Sprints & hurdles (currently ranked 5th in CCS in 300mH, 4th in 110mHH))
    • Co-Captain: Jonathan Mattson (Hurdles & Sprints)
    • Co-captain, Stephanie Escobar (Middle-distance)
    • Co-captain, Christian Vargas (Sprints and throws)
    • Ryan Wingrove (Jumps)
  • Two-year, but-not-too-late, Firebirds
    • Captain, Alex Cassidy (High Jump and sprints (currently ranked 7th in CCS HJ))
    • Co-captain, Jules Merigot (sprints and jumps (currently leads-off both sprint relays))
    • Co-captain, Chris Gough (sprints)
  • One-and-done Firebirds
    • Steven Quintana (Throws (currently ranked 6th in El Camino Division shot put))
    • Abhinov Mamidipaka (Throws)



WORKOUT/ATTENDANCE through Friday, April 26th

** Friday, April 12th (Friday before break). Will be a 3-for-1 day (must finish practice for the points)

** Spring Break workouts count as extra workout/attendance points

** El Camino Division meet on Wed April 24th and Friday April 26th.

  • The meet is here, so we need to work the meet. Still plan to work the meet even if you are not competing.
  • Both days will count as 3-for3: meaning, if you do not show-up to help, it will be the same as missing 3 workouts. 

With all of the extra point opportunities throughout the year, and with the above additional opportunities, there is no legitimate excuse for not being 85% or higher (there are 2-people on the team who missed time due to their wisdom teeth being taken out, AND missed time due to the flu, they are currently above 85%. Another kid had a broken wrist, could not train for 4-weeks, only got credit for helping with meets, and he is also still above 85%)



The Firebirds posted many stellar performances on Saturday, March 30th, and not all stellar-performances were on the Track & Field, as the Fremont community worked hard to complete another successful FirebIrd Relays.

Results; Athletic.Net and Lynbrooksports.com

Meet Pictures 

On the Track & Field:

  • The Firebirds finished 7th out of 35 schools in total points, with the FS Girls finishing the highest with a 2nd place out of the 33 schools in the FS girls division.
  • Large teams have an advantage in the Firebird Relays as they can cover all of the relay scoring. Evergreen Valley won the team trophy again, as they bring close to 200 student athletes to our event (their team eating habits also make them a Snack Shack favorite). Their coaches have brought their team (and their revenue) to each of the Firebird Relays
  • For Fremont, there were over 30 individual PR's or season bests, with the Firebirds cranking up the heat in Relay events.
    • Topped-off by the F/S Girls foursome of Briana Fedkiw, Hanna Chellali, Natalie Waelty and Rakhi Chaladavada shattering the meet record in the Speed Medley Relay. The girls time of 1:58.49 put them at #3 all time in the Fremont record books 
    • Cassius Fiaui, once again cleared 35-feet in the varsity girls shot put, exerting her dominance over a talented girls shot put field, and proving her #13 CCS shot-put ranking
    • Idreece Barnes won both hurdle events; maintaining his #6 ranking in CCS for the 110m High Hurdles and moving up to #5 in CCS for the 300m Hurdles. Idreece hauled away a total of 3-medals, and points in all 4 of his events, when teamed with other point-scoring/medal winning teammates, Zach Oren, Jules Merigot, Alex Cassidy, Yash Gajula and Rohan Kale on two sprint relays
    • FS Girl horizontal jumpers Briana Fedkiw, Hanna Chellali, also carted-off plenty of hardware with 4-medals a piece 

Throughout the day:

Thanks Everyone,

Together, last Saturday, we successfully completed another Firebird Relays.

Raising funds to support the T&F/XC programs and the Firebird Relays Scholarships, with other FHS Athletic teams supported through the Boosters concessions.

Saturday, March 30th, we hosted 36 out of the 42 high schools which initially registered for the meet. The 36 high schools brought over 1300 student-athletes, entered in over 2400 events, accompanied by approximately 150 coaches, and maybe 800-1000 spectators! Unlike most other sports, competitors are also spectators and paying customers in a large Track & Field competition. The result was an active, moving, sometime transient, crowd of about 2000-2500 people making their way around our fields, through our stands, bathrooms and Snack Shack for probably 8 out of 12 hours

From the feedback of the other Coaches, Hank Lawson (the top timer in northern California and CCS) and the USA Track & Field Officials (who work high school, NCAA and World-Class track meets), we did a great job! 

Meets of this size often run 1-2- hours late: we finished 30-minutes early. Padding our positive meet management reputation due to our +/- 5-minutes-of-schedule finishes in 2018 and 2017

Timely meet management and successful, positive, representation of Fremont High throughout such an all-day event, could only be accomplished by a massive team effort of committed volunteers

Special thanks to all mentioned below, and sincere thanks/apologies to anyone I missed in the below shout outs;

Team Super-Mom; Anna Oren (Zach, 2020) for tirelessly working to fill volunteer positions. Showing up at 7:00am. Then during the meet, she made it around to all posts, with her cape flapping in the wind, to help out at each location. Finally shutting down around 8:30pm as she, and us remaining coaches, picked-up random trash on our way out of the stadium

Student-athletes who helped all-day, even though they did not compete

·        Sam Tiscareno (2021)

           Chris Gough (2019)

·         Yadi Set (2021)

·         Thomas Le (2021)

·         Jonray Collado (2021)

Current student-athlete parents who volunteered;

·         Lisa Tsuchitani (awards) (Kohei, 2021)

·         Karen and Bill Gough (tickets, awards) (Chris 2019, Kate 2021)

·         Anahga (and Anil) Kale (t-shirts) (Rohan, 2021)

·         Shaheen and Aditya Dayal, registration and other (Zara, 2019 (also see “Power Parents”))

·         Janet Nixon (tickets) (Ethan, 2021)

·         Abe Oren, tickets (Zach, 2020)

·         Christine Pepin, long jump (Jules, 2019)

·         Fariha Barnes, bbq grill (Idreece, 2019)

·         Meena Juttukoonda, t-shirts (Yash, 2020)

Alumni Student-athlete volunteers

·       Luis Cordero (2015, Rochester Institute of Technology)

·         MacKenzie Cox (2016, Cal Poly SLO)

·         Coach Alejandra Flores (2014, De Anza /Aurora Univ (Chicago), SCUSD)

·         Coach Chuck Herrera (1998, De Anza, FUHSD)

·         Samantha Louie (2018, UC Davis)

·         Coach Lewis Louie (1978, retired man of leisure & USATF Certified coach (STILL highly ranked  in FHS record books for T&F and Basketball)

·         Warren Liu (2018, UC Santa Cruz)

·         Coach Adam Miranda (2013, SJSU, Facebook)

·         Coach Fitzgerald Nocon (2008, SJSU, O’Connor &  Stanford hospitals)

·         Heather Rohrer (2013, University of Hawaii, Apple)

 Alumni Power-Parents (and their FHS T&F/XC graduates)

·       Steve Meier, "the voice of FHS T&F", announcer/photographer (Lauren 2017, UC Berkeley)

·         Molly Cox, awards, results, registration (Shelby, 2014 UMass/Michigan State, MacKenzie, 2016 Cal Poly SLO)

·         Cathy and Gus Gomez, front & back gates, t-shirts (Tommy, 2018, Columbia Univ., NY)

·         Deepa Balgi, registration and inspirational hip-number design (Pranav, 2017, UCLA). Also thanking Ganesh Balgi for years of great photos, along with the photos from Steve Meier.

·         Shaheen and Aditya Dayal, registration (Sabina, 2015, UC Santa Barbara, Zara current coed Team Captain, 2019)

·         Coach Lewis Louie, Medals-coordinator for the last 4-Firebird Relays  (Samantha, 2018, UC Davis)

          Coach Jeff Rohrer, out sick, but has worked all 7 previous Firebird Relays (Heather 2013, Univ. of Hawaii, Jackie 2013, UC San Diego)

Other key supporters

     Sylvie Jannon-Shields, t-shirts and creator of “Run like a girl” stickers, 8th Firebird Relays (patient supporter of Coach Shields)

·     Julia Jannon-Shields, 8th Firebird Relays: has worked t-shirts, awards, announcers’ booth, results-shuttling. Supporting Fremont T&F since she was 5-years old (AMHS 2017, University of Washington, Seattle)

·     Athletic Director Jason Townsend, who, in his first stint as AD, believed me when I told him we (Fremont) could pull-off this huge track meet

  • Johanna Moyoli: whose timely handling of invoices, from all angles, keeps our reputation strong and payments on time
  • Coach Rand Crippen: currently a volunteer coach, has officiated the HJ at all Firebird Relays and all Fremont dual meets over the last 10+ years.

·    Athletics Boosters leader, Lenora Heuchert and her Booster's Dynamic Duo - Lisa and Jeff Hiatt:  They all worked at the concessions area for 12 hours starting at 8 am and finished clean up at 8 PM. They did an outstanding job purchasing, prepping, cooking and selling all the food items to support a hungry crowd all day long!  Lisa does a fabulous job managing her team and Jeff was busy grilling everything.  He even trained kids and parents how to flip burgers and grill chicken! Well done  (Especially well done, considering the length of our event, some of our guest had breakfast, lunch and dinner at our Snack Shack)!



LAST WORKOUT/ATTENDANCE CUT was April 1st. Reduced to 80% due to flu epidemic 


Must be eligible, have a workout/attendance of 85% and worked the league meet on Wed., April 24th and Fri., April 26th, at Fremont, in order to get credit for the sport


Link to Booster Pictures of Track & Field

password is lower case 'firebirds' 


Results 2nd Annual Aragon InvitationalMarch 16, 2019

The medal tally was high as the Firebirds' combined-team point total was 2nd highest out of the 16 high schools competing in the San Mateo Track & Field meet

  • The Varsity Girls were 1st out of 16 schools, with Zara Dayal, Cass Fiaui and Amanda Liu scoring the most points with 19, 16 and 13 points, respectively
  • The Varsity Boys were 2nd out of 16 schools, with Idreese Barnes, Alex Cassidy and Jules Merigot scoring 21.5, 17 and 15.5 points, respectively 
  • The FS Girls were 2nd out of 16 schools, with Natalie Waelty, Hanna Chellali and Yadi Set scoring the most points with 20.5, 20.5 and 18 points, respectively 
  • The FS Boys were 3rd out of 16 schools, with Jonathan Halperin, Santiago Torres and Ethan Nixon scoring the most points with 18, 10.25 and 9.25 points, respectively
  • Total Points for all 4 divisions at the Aragon Don's Invitational

    1. Aragon 510   2. Fremont 284   3. Hillsdale 189  4. Jefferson 98   5. Mills 93    6. Soquel 89   7. Alameda 75    8. Adrian Wilcox 70    9. Redwood Christian 59    10. Design Tech 49    11. Mercy [Burlingame] 49    12. Terra Nova 28    13. Downtown College Prep 21    14. San Rafael 15    15. Summit Tahoma 2    16. Luis Valdez Leadership Acad 1


Winter Conditioning, Wednesday, Dec 5th


             Fremont T&F/XC student-athletes, alumni, coaches and parents, are family!