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We strive for student-athletes to have a happy, healthy confidence-building experience, each year in our program.

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FHS T&F Coaching Staff(left to right) Alejandra Flores, Mark Shields, Adam Miranda, Jeff Rohrer, Rob Guzman, Idreece Barns, Jeff Lehto, Anthony Rivera, Rand Crippen, Lewis Louie


  • Program Head Coach, T&F Program Coordinator, all running events & Hurdle (HRD) workouts planner, Webpage Admin, Mark Shields
  • Jumps Head Coach, Lewis Louie
  • Throws Head Coach, Rob Guzman
  • Boys Head Coach, Sprints, Relays, Distance, Adam Miranda
  • Girls Head Coach, Distance, Hurdles, Meet Announcer, Alejandra Flores
  • Assistant Coach, Throws, Jeff Lehto
  • Assistant Coach, Hurdles and Sprints, Idreece Barnes
  • Volunteer Assistant Coach, Distance, Jeff Rohrer
  • Volunteer Assistant Coach, High Jump, Rand Crippen
  • Volunteer Assistant Coach & Throws-Guru, Anthony Rivera
  • Volunteer Assistant Coach intern, Jumps and hurdles, Brianna Fedkiw

Team Parents: Anjana Prabhakar, Shara Carder, Mike Carder

More background info below under "Fremont T&F Coaching Staff" 


Three-way Dual Meet & Senior Day


Fabian, Noah, Jack, Aiden, Kevin, Philip, Don, Wyatt, Dan, Archit, Rishab, Zeke, Nikolas, Ved, Anagha, Ella, Anusha, Nina, Michelle, Marie Anne



Four-year, full-term Firebirds

Zeke Carder, Aiden Guzman, Jack Lehto

Three-year, three-pete Firebirds

Anagha Gore, Ella Hassner, Marie Anne Madrigal, *Michelle Overcamp, Wyatt Parry, Kevin Rhee (*Michelle is full term for her, she's graduating early)

Two-year, gone too soon Firebirds

Nina Behrens, Anusha Chadalavada, Dan Chizik, Ved Kamishetti, Rishab Madhugiri, Fabian Oduk, Archit Wankhade

One-run and done Firebirds

Don Martinez, Jordan McKinney, Philip Schulz, Nikolas Wong 


Three-way Dual Meet Recap

With one majestic, flame-trailing, swoop from their scenic nest at Deisner Field, across the hillside track of Monta Vista, the Firebirds scorched the Condors, The Matadors and The Miners, on their way to an 12-and-2 over-all Varsity record for the season.

  • The Varsity Boys barely lost to Monta Vista, but defeated Cupertino and MacDonald to render a 5-2 dual-meet season record.
  • The Varsity Girls swept the same three schools to remain undefeated in El Camino dual meets this season.
    • Often outnumbered as much as 3-to-1 in dual meets, the Fremont VG's posted the 1st ever undefeated dual meet season for Fremont girls Track & Field.


  • Fremont's' 2024 Varsity dual meet prowess was mostly paced by consistent event winning/scoring from the Sr/Jr core of Anusha, Maya, Varun, Fabian, Shay, Philip, Hayley, Michelle and Ella. However, as the season moved on, more Fr/So's stepped up their performances to compete in Varsity, adding to the teams' scoring punch. Key FS's were Yarden, Leander, Manoah, Matt, Ada, Meagan, May, and last but not least Ryan (ranked 15th in CCS in the discus, 2nd highest ranked FS in CCS discus).

After Spring Break, next up for the Firebirds will be the El Camino Championships/SCVAL Qualifier. GO FIREBIRDS!!




Monday, March 25th, first workout-percentage cut: if not at 90% or above, you are off the team.


Fri Apr 19th, Administrative Eligibility check, last workout percentage cut (must be 90% or above)

  • POST SEASON Qualifying *******************************************
    • Wednesday, April 24th, El Camino Division (SCVAL) Trials (Qualifier limited)
    • Friday, April 26th, El Camino Division (SCVAL) Finals (Qualifier limited)
    • Saturday, May 4th, SCVAL Championship/CCS Qualifier @ Santa Clara High school (Qualifier limited)
    • Saturday, May 11th, CCS Semi-finals (Qualifier limited)
    • Saturday, May 18th, CCS Finals / State Qualifier (Qualifier limited)
    • Friday/Saturday, May 24th/25th, CIF State Prelims and Finals (Qualifier limited)


Fremont vs Milpitas Dual meetThe kingdom of Troy invades the nest of The Phoenix

The Firebirds were vastly outnumbered by the Trojans in this Fremont home meet. Milpitas has over 210 student-athletes on their team, Fremont has 70. Consequently, more of our Firebird F/S's (Ryan Lehto, Leander Dy-Johnson, Yarden Halperin, Meagan Aquino, May Hassner, Ada Johnson, Matt Gray, et al) were asked to compete, and score points, in Varsity.

Despite being outnumbered by 3x, the varsity battle was a split;

  • The Firebird VB's were over-run by the Trojan VB numbers. Losing their 1st dual meet, 82-to-45, to go 3-and-1 for the season.
  • Firebird VG's remain undefeated in dual meets, beating Milpitas VG's 66 to 61, by winning the last event, VG 4x4 relay..


Despite the weather, the Firebird Relays ran successfully for the 11th time since its’ inaugural 2012 meet.

The meet still holds the distinction of running within 5 minutes of the scheduled time, every year!!

Both current head coaches (Girls & Boys head coaches) were student-athletes, and team captains, in those 1st couple Firebird Relays.

The Firebirds came in 4th out of 30 California high schools, and a Calgary Canada high school club.

As much as the Firebird Relays are about the fun and development of our current Fremont, and CCS, student-athletes, it has always been a celebration and reunion of alumni student-athletes, plus alumni student-athlete parents.

 In the 1st couple of of Firebird Relays, the snacks and food were worked by track parents on grills, then borrowing the Snack Shack. Once the Boosters embraced the Firebird, it became a fundraiser for supporting all Fremont athletics. Thank you, Boosters!!

 We would like to give a huge Thank you, shout out, and big Track family hug to all volunteers who supported the meet (if I do not have a student-athlete name next to your name, please email me to point out your son or daughters name, then I will update the webpage)

 Current T&F Parents

o   Mrinal Dutia (Arjun, 2026)

o   Rachel Kim (Casey, 2026)

o   Ambrosia Studley (Tyro, 2026)

o   Shara Carder (Zeke 2024)

o   Jennifer Jue (Evan Fischer 2026)

o   Mike Carder (Zeke 2024)

o   Ayala

o   Leena

o   Owen Jellison (Fabian, 2024)

o   Alida Parry (Wyatt, 2024)

o   Phani

o   Lauren Ledbetter (Xander, 2027)

o   Micah Ledbetter (Xander, 2027)

o   Junyi (Weilin & Weiqi, 2025)

·Alum Parents/Students

o   Cathy Gomez (Tommy, 2018, Columbia University), volunteering since 2014.

o   Gus Gomez (Tommy, 2018, Columbia University), volunteering since 2014

o   Satheesh Balakrishnan (Kathir, 2023, Univ of North Carolina)

o   Priya Pegatheesan (Kathir, 2023, Univ of North Carolina)

o   Matthew Tiscareno (Samuel 2021, Isaac 2023)

o   Laura Tiscareno (Samuel 2021, Isaac 2023)

o   Anjana Prabhakar (Nikhil, 2025)

o   Samuel Tiscareno (FHS 2021, Cal Poly)

o   Ganesh Balgi (Pranav, 2017, UCLA). Ganesh’s has supported since the 2013 Firebird Relays as a volunteer. Deepa Balgi as well, but she fell ill the night of the meet.

o   Matthew Tsai (FHS 2023, UC Davis)

o   Zara Dayal (FHS 2019, UC Irvine)

o   Isaac Tiscareno (FHS 2023, Cal State, East Bay)

o   Samantha Louie (FHS 2018, UC Davis)

o   Amanda Liu (FHS 2019, UC Davis)

o   JJ Escalera (FHS 2016, CSU San Jose, West Valley & Santa Clara Univ)

  • Coach Jeff Rohrer (Heather and Jackie (XC), 2013). Jeff's wife Rachel was Team Mom for Track, Swimming, Water Polo and Cross Country, at the same time, for 3 years!!!

Possible future alumni, who volunteered on the 23rd

  • Nathan Tiscareno (2027)
  • Elsie Tiscareno (2030)

Embrace competition -

Respect all . . . fear none




The Varsity Firebirds short-circuited the Chargers in the Tuesday March 12th dual meet.

The Varsity dual meet scores were VB, Fremont 77 and Wilcox 44. Varsity Girls, Fremont 100 Wilcox 14.

Varsity event winners;


  • Junior, Varun Kale won 4 events: 110m High hurdles, High jump, Long junp and the triple jump
  • Senior Fabian Oduk won the 400m
  • Senior Philip Schulz, won the 800 meters.
  • Sophomore Manoah Maciel won the 300m hurdles
  • Sophomore Ryan Lehto won the Shot Put
  • Senior Jack Lehto won the Discus


  • Junior, Shay Yaakobovitz won the high jump and the triple jump
  • Senior, Ella Hassner won the Discus
  • Freshman, Ada Johnson, Sr. Ella Hassner and junior, Anagha Gore swept the shot put
  • Junior, Maya Chandurkar won the 100m hurdles, 100 meters and the 200 meters
  • Sr., Marie Anne Madrigal won the 1600 meters and the 3200 meters
  • Junior, Neha Balaji won the 800m
  • Junior Sari Mai won the Long Jump
  • Sr., Anusha Chadalavada won the 400 meters and the 300m hurdles. Still holding the 6th fastest 300mH time in CCS this season.



Meet results link



Battle of the birds:

The Fremont Firebirds singed the Saratoga Falcons in Varsity Track and field on Thursday March 7th at Saratoga.

The Varsity dual meet scores were VB Fremont 71 and Saratoga 50. Varsity Girls Fremont 76 Saratoga 40.

Varsity event winners;


  • ·        Junior, Varun Kale won 4 events: 110m High hurdles, High jump, Long junp and the triple jump
  • ·        Sophomore, Matt Gray won the Varsity Boys 1600m and 3200m
  • ·        Sophomore, Leander Dy-Johnson and Senior, Jordan McKinney took 1-2 in the 100 meters
  • ·        Seniors Fabian Oduk and Philip Schulz, teamed with Jr Noah Lacy to sweep the 400 meters.
    • Fabian laid down the 12th fastest time in CCS this season.
  • ·        Schulz and Dy-Johnson also took 1-2 in the 200 meters


  • ·        Junior, Shay Yaakobovitz won the high jump and the triple jump
  • ·        Junior, Anagha Gore won the Discus
  • ·        Freshman, Ada Johnson and Sr. Ella Hassner went 1-2 in the shot put
  • ·        Junior, Maya Chandurkar won the 100m hurdles and the 200 meters
  • ·        Sophomore Yarden Halperin won the 800 meters and the 1600 meters
  • ·        Sr., Marie Anne Madrigal won the 3200 meters
  • ·        Sr., Anusha Chadalavada won the 300m hurdles in the 5th fastest time in CCS this season.
    • Anusha was 2nd to Maya in the 100m hurdles, where Maya is ranked 12th in CCS.



Varsity Girls 4x 800-meter Relay

2024 TRACK & FIELD season officially began on Monday, January 29th

  • For each practice, dress for the weather, meet on the Visitors side of the track.
  • Practice is every weekday at 5:45pm, meeting by the burgundy sheds on visitors' side of the stadium.
    • Practice will end between 7:10 and 7:30
    • See "Team Rules" below for general rules, attendance, credit for the sport, and other information.
  • Optional Skills practice on Saturdays @ 10:00am (if we do not have a meet). Counts as extra workout credit.  

In order to be cleared for each sport, you must complete the following 3 steps.

1. Complete Physical Exam Form Part 1 and Part 2.

 *All physical forms must be completed by a parent and doctor prior to the start date of your sport. The state of CA only accepts physicals that are signed, stamped and dated from a MD, DO, or PA. NP and RN signed physicals are not currently allowed.

2.  Digital registration must be completed via the Athletics Clearance website.  Here is a step-by-step instructional video of how to complete the Athletic Clearance registration.  


Ask the Trainer to transfer your physical to Track & Field





Congratulations to all graduating seniors: passing the baton from high school to college! Go Firebirds!

(Leland will be running Track @ UC Santa Cruz, Kathir will run Track @ University of North Carolina)





Kathir Balakrishnan (University of North Carolina) Isaac Tiscareno (Cal State University, East Bay), Jonathan Mases (University of CA, Davis)  and Leland Nguyen (University of CA , Santa Cruz)



People slowly filling in the stands at the start of the meet. Kathir missed the finals by 0.01 seconds

Battling injury, Kathir still finishes 10th in the State for 300mH. Here he is flanked by coaches and 2007 Fremont grad, Elijah Carrillo. After XC/T&F at Fremont, Elijah ran XC/T&F for Fresno State. He is currently a teacher, coach and award-winning community activist, in the Fresno school district

Sunnyvale at State: Fremont & Homestead student-athletes, coaches and parents share mealtime Saturday night after the State prelims



TOP 10 IN-SEASON GPA's; 8-way tie for 1st, one person in 9th place, and a nine-way tie for 10th.

Recipients are Chloe Maxwell (FR), Shay Yaakobovitz (SO) Clara Estan (FR), Matthew Tsai (SR), Ziv Behar (JR), Nikhil Prabhakar (SO), Ryan Lehto (FR), Arjun Dutia (FR), Anagha Gore (JR), Weilin Oh (SO), Dhruti Halambi (SO), Varun Kale (SO), Dan Chizik (JR) and Naozumi Kawai (SR). Not shown: Nina Behrens (JR), Anuttam Preetham (JR), Ethan Chen (FR) and Yarden Halperin (FR).

The group of 18 had an average in-season GPA of 3.89

Kamikazi Award winners: Shay Yaakobovitz, Michelle Overcamp, Ella Hassner and Dan Chizik

Comeback Award Winner, Darlene De La Cruz

Chameleon Award Winner, Isaac Tiscareno and close-to-chameleon friends, Shay, Dan and Arjun

MOST IMPROVED: Maelys Fraisse and Jason McWilliams

Highest Varsity Impact (most varsity points) by a FR/SO; Maya Chandurkar and Varun Kale 

Most regular season PR's (personal records); Isaac Tiscareno

Teams' Highest Point Scorers; Maelys Fraisse and Kathir Balakrishnan

Captain/Co-Captain Leadership Award Winners; Jack Lehto, Willem Guzman, Jasper Canalez, Aiden Guzman, Jason McWilliams, Isaac Tiscareno, Leland Nguyen, Matthew Tsai. Missing: Marie Anne Madrigal

Most Valuable Newcomers; Anusha Chadalavada and Fabian Oduk. Both juniors went to CCS on relays, Anusha also went in the open 400m dash 

Most Valuable Throwers; Jasper Canalez and Willem Guzman. Although not the highest point scorers, the 2 were extremely valuable in coordinating the many Throws activities and extra workouts, while supporting and being aware of all throwers PR's and meet efforts. True MVT's


Medals of Dedication (Top-10 workout percentages): Ryan Lehto (Thrower), Willem Guzman (Thrower), Aiden Guzman (Thrower), Kathir Balakrishnan (SPR/HRD), Isaac Tiscareno (Distance/HRD), Jason McWilliams (HRD), Maya Chandurkar (SPR/HRD), Darlene De La Cruz (SPR/HRD), Leland Nguyen (Middle-distance/SPR/JMP), Nikola Pesich (SPR/HRD/JMP)

2023 TEAM MVP's: Maelys Fraisse and boys co-MVP's, Kathir Balakrishnan & Isaac Tiscareno.

As well as being the three highest scorers on the combined teams, the 3 team Captains were extremely valuable in coordinating warm-ups, workout pace and effort, in addition to being aware of the health, out-of-sport activities and PR's of the other 55 runners/jumpers on the team. True MVP's

TThe T&F Potlucks are always good times, good friends and good food


CCS FINALS, May 20th, Gilroy HS


Nursing a high ankle sprain and fibularis tendonitis, Kathir still makes it to State. Placing 3rd, as well as beating the State automatic qualifying time

One more track meet before prepparing for the NCAA D1, Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC)

Maelys was the last seed into the CCS 100m Final. Yet, in the Final she beat 4 of the other higher seeds and just missed State by .03 seconds, coming in 4th in CCS. She finishes the season as the 2nd fastest 100m girl in school history.

Injuries and a little inexperienced, dampened the VB finals chance of getting to State. However, the team had a great season, posting the 7th fastest 4x4 time out of the 150-school CCS. Also dropping in the 3rd fastest time in school history.

Fremont Coaches working CCS Finals: Coach Flores as part of the meet announcing team

Fremont Coaches working CCS Finals: Coach Shields working as zone judge and lane official


The Varsity Boys 4x400m relay moves on to next week's Finals by running the 6th fastest time in CCS. Kathir, Fabian, Jonathan and Leland posted the 3rd fastest time in school history.

Maelys handing off to Anusha. Maelys moved on to Finals in the 100 meters. Anusha came up short in the 400, but climbs into the Fremont all-time records lists in the 400m and 4x1. 

Hayley, nursing a knee injury, lost in a jump-off for the last HJ spot. With some rest, and a scratch from 1-other jumper, she could surprise everyone by going to State

Kathir moves to the Finals, winning his heat with the 3rd best 300mH time of the meet. He still remains undefeated in head-to-head competition in the event this year

The Varsity Girls 4x100m relay of Maelys, Anusha, Maya and Nina ran the 4th fastest 4x1 in school history. The girls posted the 11th fastest 4x1 in CCS, which left them just outside of the finals. Still a solid accomplishment for a season in which they collected multiple 1st place medals in invitationals.

Isaac and the rest of the CCS distance runners had to battle near 90-degree temperatures as well as battling one another. Isaac did not make the Finals, but his SCVAL 4:21.91 is the 16th fastest time of the season, versus the over 1500 boys who ran the event in CCS.


Ten Fremont T&F student-athletes move on to CCS, 4 more are on the bubble.

Due to injuries, Kathir drops the 100m and 110mHH in an attempt to move on to State in the 300mH.

Becoming SCVAL champion in the event was a good start

Maelys finishes in a "dead-heat" for 1st place with Los Altos for SCVAL VG 100m champion. Maelys was edged out by 3-one-thousanths of a second (0.003). She also took 3rd in the 200m, moving on to CCS in both events

Maelys leads-off the VG 4x100m Relay. Teaming with Anusha, Nina and Maya to move on to CCS, taking 4th in SCVAL

Hayley continues to stay highly ranked in CCS, moving on to CCS from the SCVAL high jump

The VB 4x400m Relay moves on to CCS, with Wyatt doing an excellent job as a last-second sub, teaming with Fabian, Leland and Jonathan

Anusha Chadalavada moves on to CCS in the open 400m. She continues to climb the Fremont all-time records list in this event

Isaac blasts his way into the Fremont all-time top-5 in the 1600m/Mile with a 4:21.91, making his way into CCS by SCVAL placement, and by beating the provisional qualifier, to put a bow on it.

Nikola Pesich leads through 8 hurdles of his heat, but this hurdle left him on the bubble for CCS

Fremont camp at SCVAL

Leland blows by the 2-minute barrier for 800m with a 1:58.92. Unfortunately, he's on the bubble from SCVAL (he would have won 4 of the other 7 leagues in CCS).

Kevin leads during his leg of the VB 4x800 Relay

Zeke fights off Cupertino while anchoring the 4x800 relay. The relay team is on the bubble until all CCS League meets finish

Simalua and Antonio are on the bubble in the VG & VB shot put

Zeke and Matt staying ready for the 4x800m Relay

Shay runs down 4-other teams before handing to Anusha to further gap the pack in their heat, but the 2nd heat dropped in 7-faster times.

2023 FHS Track & Field Schedule

·     Saturday, Mar 4th, Rustbuster, @ Monta Vista Meet Results link. RustBuster pictures

Saturday, Mar 11th, Willow Glen Invitational Meet results link

  • Out of 35 high schools at Willow Glen; VB's 2nd, VG's 5th, FSB's 8th, FSG's 11th

Thursday, Mar 16th, double-dual; Mt. View & FRE @ Saratoga Meet Results link

Saturday, Mar 18th, Garlic Classic Track Invite, Christopher HS, Gilroy Meet Results link

Thursday Mar 23rd, Fremont @ Mt View, Meet Results

 Saturday, Mar 25th, Firebird Relays, Meet Results

  • Out of 25 high schools; VB 1st place, VG 1st place, FSB 7th place, FSG 6th place.


Monday, March 27th, first workout-percentage cut: if not at 90% or above, you are off the team

·        Thu Mar 30th , Fremont @ Santa Clara, Meet Results

·        Fri/Sat, Mar 31st / Apr 1st, Quicksilver Invitational (Meet results) – AND - Stanford Invitational (Meet results)

·        Tue, Apr 4th, Wilcox @ Fremont, Meet Results

  Sat, Apr 8th, Cupertino/De Anza Invitational Meet Results 

·        Tue, Apr 11th, Cupertino, Monta Vista & MacDonald @ Fremont Meet Results

Friday Apr 21st, Administrative Eligibility check, last workout percentage cut (must be 90% or above)

POST SEASON Qualifying **********************************************************************

·        Wed, Apr 26th, El Camino Division Prelims, SCVAL qualifier Meet Results

·        Fri, Apr 28th, El Camino Division Finals, SCVAL qualifier, at Wilcox Meet Results

·        Sat, May, 6th, SCVAL Championships, CCS Qualifier, Meet Results

·        Sat, May, 13th, CCS Preliminaries, Gilroy, Meet Results

·        Sat, May, 20th, CCS Finals, State meet qualifier, Gilroy, Meet Results

·        Fri/Sat, May, 26/27th, California State Track meet, Clovis, Meet Results


Firebird Relays Scholarships.

·        Athlete must have competed all 4-years

·        Have been a co-ed captain or co-captain one of those years

·        Have plans to go to college/university

·        Cannot be on an athletic scholarship going to a college/university

·        Then one of the next 3 items;

1.      Have been a league champion, at any level (Varsity or JV), including relays

2.      Have an individual event mark on the Fremont all-time top-15 records list or be part of a relay school record

3.      Have 100% attendance all 4-years, including optional Summer/Winter Conditioning

2023 Scholarship Winners

  • Isaac Tiscareno - 4yrs, 2-yr Captain, will run at CSU East Bay, on Top 15 in 2-individual events, 100% 4-yrs
  • Leland Nguyen - 4yrs, 2-yr Captain/co-captain, may run at UC Santa Cruz, on school record 4x4, 100% 4-yrs
  • Kathir Balakrishnan - 4yrs, 2-yr Captain, will run at UNC Chapel Hill, on school record 4x4, 4 entries on All-time Top 15's, 100% 4-yrs
  • Jonathan Mases - 4yrs, 2-yr Captain/co-captain, going to UC Davis, 100% 4-yrs (possibly running hurdles at Davis)



2022 CCS Finals

School Record 4 x 400m Relay

Kathir moves on to State, finishing 10th in the State of CA for 110mHH


             Fremont T&F/XC student-athletes, alumni, coaches and parents, are family!

Winter Conditioning, Wednesday, Dec 5th