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Track & Field

We strive for all student-athletes to have a happy, healthy and confidence-building experience each year in our program.

Results 2nd Annual Aragon InvitationalMarch 16, 2019

The medal tally was high as the Firebirds' combined-team point total was 2nd highest out of the 16 high schools competing in the San Mateo Track & Field meet

  • The Varsity Girls were 1st out of 16 schools, with Zara Dayal, Cass Fiaui and Amanda Liu scoring the most points with 19, 16 and 13 points, respectively
  • The Varsity Boys were 2nd out of 16 schools, with Idreese Barnes, Alex Cassidy and Jules Merigot scoring 21.5, 17 and 15.5 points, respectively 
  • The FS Girls were 2nd out of 16 schools, with Natalie Waelty, Hanna Chellali and Yadi Set scoring the most points with 20.5, 20.5 and 18 points, respectively 
  • The FS Boys were 3rd out of 16 schools, with Jonathan Halperin, Santiago Torres and Ethan Nixon scoring the most points with 18, 10.25 and 9.25 points, respectively
  • Total Points for all 4 divisions at the Aragon Don's Invitational

    1. Aragon 510   2. Fremont 284   3. Hillsdale 189  4. Jefferson 98   5. Mills 93    6. Soquel 89   7. Alameda 75    8. Adrian Wilcox 70    9. Redwood Christian 59    10. Design Tech 49    11. Mercy [Burlingame] 49    12. Terra Nova 28    13. Downtown College Prep 21    14. San Rafael 15    15. Summit Tahoma 2    16. Luis Valdez Leadership Acad 1


Meet Results



As for all sports at Fremont HS, students need to be "cleared" and registered in order to participate in Track & Field. Please refer to the FHS Spring Sports page for details.

While there is no required fee to participate in Track & Field, please consider making a donation to support the program. Checks can be written to "FHS Track & Field."


Team Rules

General Rules

  • Student-athletes should always drink water during the day and bring water to practice and track meets. They should drink 1/3 their body weight number, in ounces each day (E.g.; a 100 pound student-athlete should drink 33.3 ounces (about 1 liter) of water per day.
  • Students should always eat something for breakfast, and eat real food, not junk food, for lunch.
  • The student-athletes should always let the coaches know if they are hurting or injured.


  • Less than 85% attendance will be cause for removal from the team. The student must be at 85% or above to compete in meets
    • The student-athlete must maintain this percentage AND compete in at least 3 meets in order to get credit for the sport
  • Student-athletes and their parents are expected to show mutual respect and trust for coaches, school administration, teachers, meet officials, parent-supporters and teammates. Infractions will be reviewed by coaches and school administrations after T&F Captains input. The final decisions will that of the T&F coaching staff.
  • Always practice good sportsmanship and mutual respect towards competitors
  • Failure to meet school or home academic standards will result in suspension from the team.
  • 400 Meter Rule: With the exception of “Throws-only” athletes, every athlete will compete/run 400 meters at least three times during the track season. The 400 meter sprint distance is very developmental for all jumping and running events. Walking or jogging the distance will not count, the coaches will be the judge of effort during the given 400 m run. “Throws-only” athletes will be subject to a 300m or 200m under the same rules.
  • Club-Sports: Student-athletes will not be given attendance credit for club sports. It is suggested the student-athlete not compete in other club-sports during the T&F season. Track & Field training is very demanding, AND counts on key “unload periods” to peak the athlete. These unload periods should not be thought of as opportunities for extra workouts or to go to other sport tournaments.
    • If the club sport is already paid for and underway, please try to work with us to mesh the schedules and training.  The student will still be responsible for the 85% attendance
  • Miscellaneous: Donating Blood: If possible, in non-emergency situations, it is suggested to not give blood during the season. In giving blood, you are giving away benefits of workouts with each pint. The body has to work hard to replenish lost blood, which effects workout and meet recovery. Plus, you have just given away a strategic amount of a key component to the cardio-vascular system, which we’ve been working so hard to strengthen. Please try to plan any charity blood donations for after the season.

Attendance & Physicals


In order to practice or compete, our student athletes must have physicals and have filled out Student Information sheets. There were pre-season meetings and fliers stating these items need to be in on or before the first day of practice (Feb 3). At the very latest, the items must be completed by the Monday after the Winter Break (February 24).


We do not cut student-athletes from the team based on performance. However, we will cut them for disrespecting teammates, staff, officials or for low attendance. Less than 85% workout-attendance will be cause removal from the team. There are plenty of extra point opportunities.

  • Certain hard workouts, Friday practices and Saturday meets count as 2-for-1 attendance days.
  • Scheduled workouts during school breaks and holidays count as an extra attendance
  • Weekday dual meets count as 2-for-2 days. Meaning, if you miss the meet, it’s the same as missing two days

Sport Costs and Donations

Each family is responsible for the student-athletes footwear and practice apparel. Good footwear will limit foot/ankle injury and shin-splints.

The school pays for each student-athletes’ entry into the Saturday Relay and Invitational track meets.

The school also supplies the competition uniform, but these uniforms are to be returned at the end of the season or families will be billed for the uniform item. New rules enforcing collection include; transcript holds, and inability to purchase tickets for social events like prom. The season t-shirts will be withheld also.

If you cannot make one or more of the listed track meets, please bring a list of these meets to practice, pointing out which meets you cannot make.

Fremont T&F Coaching Staff

(FYI: USATF = “USA Track & Field”, the governing body for T&F in the United States, including the Olympic teams; NHSF = National High School Federation; TACUSA = The Athletic Congress of the United States of America)

Head Coach/program coordinator: Mark Shields

  • Certifications: USATF level 1 coach, TACUSA level 1 coach, NHSF certified interscholastic coach.
  • Coaching experience. 4-yr. NCAA-D1 assistant*, FHS Track & Field coach; 2005 until present. Head coach from 2006 until present. XC coordinator 2008-thru-2015, Head XC coach 2008, 2013, 2014, 2015.   2-times Fremont Coach of the Year: 2008 and 2017. *Oklahoma State University; Sprint/Hurdles, MD assistant., lead-coach for T&F/XC Strength & Conditioning, and Cross Country assistant. Member of OSU Track and Cross Country staff, under Dick Weis. Additionally cross-trained university Football & Basketball players on speed, agility and plyometrics. Four years on OSU T&F as a 400 meter intermediate hurdler.
  • Full-time job: Semiconductor Engineering Program Project Manager. He has worked at Applied Materials, SunPower Corporation and Lam Research Corp. during the previous 14-seasons.

Throws Coach, Girls & Boys: Chuck Herrera (NHSF Certified Interscholastic Coach)

  • Coaching Experience: Coach Herrera returned to coach throws in 2017. He was Fremont’s throws coach or assistant from 2003 to 2009, coaching several CCS candidate throwers. He’s a 1998 graduate of Fremont High. Coach Herrera supports the Strength and Conditioning staff at Fremont and works Campus Security at Fremont

Sprints/Relays/middle distance/distance asst. Coach, Adam Miranda: USATF level 1 coach, NHSF certified interscholastic coach

Coaching Experience: this will be Coach Miranda’s 5th year supporting the Track & Field program, after his 5th year of supporting the FHS XC program. Adam was a two-year Track captain during his time at Fremont. Adam is Fremont class of 2013 graduate. He is finalizing his Engineering degree at San Jose State University, and is currently working as a paid intern at Facebook

Jumps Coach, Girls & Boys: Lewis Louie: USATF level 1 coach, NHSF certified interscholastic coach.

  • Coaching Experience; this is Coach Louie’s 1st year as a staff FHS coach. He has supported the program since 2015 when his daughter Samantha was a freshman (Samantha went to state in the TJ last year and currently is a heptathlete for UC Davis). Coach Louie is a 1978 graduate of FHS, and is still on FHS Track & Field records in the Long Jump and the Triple Jump. He has recently retired from a Service Management position at Hellwig Mechanical

Distance, relays and hurdles asst. coach, Girls & Boys: Alejandra Flores: USATF level 1 coach, NHSF certified interscholastic coach.

  • Coaching Experience; this is Coach Flores’ 1st year as a staff FHS coach (she's also an assistant Cross Country coach). Alejandra was a two-year Track & XC captain during her time at Fremont. Coach Flores is a Fremont class of 2014 graduate. She went on to compete at De Anza in T&F/XC, then in XC at Aurora University, in Chicago, Illinois. Coach Flores is a member of the Cross Country girls school record for Crystal Springs. She is also #15 all-time for 300m hurdles in Fremont Track & Field history. Coach Flores works as an English Language Support Assessment Technician for SCUSD


Volunteer Coaching assistant, Jeff Rohrer: Certifications: USATF level 1 coach, NHSF certified interscholastic coach

  • This is Coach Rohrer’s 5th year of direct support in coaching Fremont Cross Country/T&F. Jeff and his wife Rachel (3-yr team Mom) put three daughters through Fremont, and into 4-year universities. Their daughter Heather (2013) ran Cross Country at the University of Hawaii. Jeff is an accomplished masters distance runner, and is a full time Engineering Manager at Thermo-Fischer Scientific.

Volunteer Jumps Coach, High Jump specialist; Girls & Boys: Rand Crippen, NHSF certified interscholastic coach.

  • Coaching Experience; Coach Crippen is a well-known jumps-coaching resource around the South Bay Area and the Peninsula. In his 26-years of regional coaching, he has coached at multiple junior colleges and high schools in the Bay Area. In addition, he has been a captain on several of our SCVAL Corporate-coaches teams (8 corporate national championships since 2000). He is an accomplished Masters Track & Field Jumper/sprinter, and is a retired Apple programmer, having also worked for Intel.

Volunteer: Hurdles/Middle Distance/distance and Relays Asst. Coach, Girls & Boys: Fitzgerald Nocon (Fitz)

  • Coaching certification: USATF level 1 coach, NHSF certified interscholastic coach.
  • Coaching Experience; this is Coach Nocon’s 9th year of coaching at Track at Fremont. “Fitz” also coached the 2011, 2012 and 2013 Cross Country teams. He is a 2008 graduate of FHS. Coach Nocon only ran track in his senior year at Fremont; he learned to run hurdles in 1-month and went to SCVAL/CCS Qualifier in the 300mH, and both relays. Fitz has his degree from San Jose State and works full-time as a physical therapist at Stanford’s hospital, and part-time at O'Connor hospital

Head Coach & Team Mom contact

  • Contact Coach Mark Shields at Markstrackcoach@gmail.com
  • Team Mom Email: annaoren@yahoo.com
    • Anna, our team Mom coordinates the Carpooling for the weekday-away meets and our Saturday meets. She is also very strong in helping to coordinate our Firebird Relays parent support

We have a solid staff, we go through slight role updates each year, based on our full-time jobs.

USA Track & Field is the governing body of the sport in the United States of America. Six of our coaches are USA T&F level-1 certified coaches, which means we/they have the technical knowledge and the pedagogy training to coach all events. In addition, we have coaches who are additionally/or very experienced at certain events.

Review the "Fremont T&F Coaching Staff" tab to get the current view of this seasons' coaching staff.

School Records

Firebird Relays Scholarship

The scholarship will be given only in years when the Firebird Relays fundraiser, and additional fundraisers, finishes in the black (make profits). All scholarships qualifiers will divide 100% of the total of Gate, T-shirt/sticker sales and contributions to the Firebird Relays. If no qualifiers, the money will roll over to the next year

The following qualifications must be met to earn the scholarship:

  1. Must have 4-seasons of FHS Track & Field, with 90% attendance;
  2. Individual league championship once at any level or league runner up once, at any level. Includes being a member of a relay; OR have 4-year Winter Conditioning, T&F, Summer Conditioning combined workout percentage of 100%;
  3. Must have been a team captain or co-captain in one of their years on the team;
  4. Must be accepted a 4-year college/university, but not on an athletic scholarship;
  5. Must have applied for financial aid to attend the 4-year college/university;
  6. Must have a minimum 2.50 weighted GPA; and
  7. Must have taken the SAT or the ACT.

We (Coach Shields & AD Puccinelli) began this scholarship in 2015.

Past Scholarship Winners

  • 2015: $1000.00, Luis Cordero (Rochester Institute of Technology)
  • 2016: $2,200.00, Annah Jones (UC Merced)
  • 2017: $2000.00, Kate Everhardt (UC Davis), Calvin Luong (Santa Clara University), Lauren Meier (UC Berkeley)
  • 2018: $5,625.00, winners:
    • Samantha Louie: 2017 & 2018 Captain, league champion in multiple events over 4 seasons. 2018 El Camino TJ/LJ champion (UC Davis)
    • Brenda Blanco: 2017 co-captain, 2018 Captain, league runner-up multiple times. 2018 SCVAL 300Mh champion (CSU at  Humboldt)
    • Suzi Otala: 2017 co-captain, 2018 Captain, league runner-up in FSG 100MH and FSG Shot Put in 2016 (UC Santa Cruz)
    • Tommy Kaufman-Gomez: 2017 co-captain, 2018 Captain, 104% total workout percentage over 4-years of combined Winter Conditioning, Track & Field and Summer Conditioning (he actually started training with us 1-week after he graduated 8th grade). (Columbia University)
    • Shou Shimaya: 2018 co-captain, league runner-up in this year’s 100m and 4x100m relay. (UC Irvine)

2019 eligible 4-year T&F student-athletes

  • Zara Dayal: has been league champion and captain or co-captain, must finish senior year in Track & Field, and be accepted to an accredited 4-year university
  • Amanda Liu: has been league runner-up and captain or co-captain, must finish senior year in Track & Field, and be accepted to an accredited 4-year university
  • Emmanuel Ramirez: must be league champion or runner-up in an event (includes relays), must be captain or co-captain and must finish senior year in Track & Field, and be accepted to an accredited 4-year university
  • Nathan Catris: must be league champion or runner-up in an event (includes relays), must be captain or co-captain and must finish senior year in Track & Field, and be accepted to an accredited 4-year university

2019 T&F Schedule - Tentative

Month                   Date                     Day                      Meet                                         Location                                     Summary

February             14th                      Thursday                Scrimmage: Santa Clara AA Relays               CANCELLED due to weather

February             18th to 22nd         Mon-Fri                  FHS WINTER BREAK, Practice counts as extra points

Feb 27th, 28th Wed/Thu: Uniform handout for T&F Student-Athletes at/above 85% workout percentage

March                 2nd                      Saturday    Rustbuster Invitational.                         Monta Vista HS (link)                     Limited registration

March                 7th                        Thursday              Dual at Saratoga                    Saratoga HS

March                 9th                        Saturday                        K-Bell                              Westmont HS                       Limited registration  We will not attend.


1ST Eligibility Grade check, Monday, March 11th

March                 12th                      Tuesday                 Dual vs. Monta Vista              Fremont HS

March                 16th                      Saturday        Aragon Dons Relays                       Aragon HS                           Limited registration

March                 21st                     Thursday                Dual at Wilcox                         Wilcox HS

March                 23rd                      Saturday            De Anza/Cup Invite                     De Anza CC                        Limited registration


March                 26th                      Tuesday                 Dual vs. Homestead                           Fremont HS

March                 30th                      Saturday   8th Annual Firebird Relays                                 Fremont HS             Limited registration

April                    4th                        Thursday                Dual @ Cupertino, w/Wilcox               Cupertino HS

April                    6th                        Saturday             Quicksilver Classic                                 Leland HS

April                    9th                        Tuesday               Dual vs Santa Clara                               Fremont HS

April                    13th                      Saturday                Top 8                                                    Los Gatos                Qualifier limited

April              13th-20th                    Saturday-Saturday               Fremont SPRING BREAK, Practice counts as extra points

FINAL ATTENDANCE/WORKOUT% CUT and Eligibility check, MONDAY, April 22nd

April                    24th                      Wednesday         El Camino Division prelims                    Fremont HS             Qualifier limited

April                    26th                      Friday                   El Camino Division Finals,                    Fremont HS             Qualifier limited

May                     3rd                        Friday                   SCVAL Championships                        Los Gatos HS          Qualifier limited

May                     11th                      Saturday CCS Semifinals                                                                                     Qualifier limited

May                     17th                      Friday                   CCS Finals                                                                            Qualifier limited

May             24th-25th                      Fri-Sat                   CA State Finals                                      Clovis CA (?)          Qualifier limited


Recent Track & Field scheduling, meet results and team/league/regional activities are linked to the Athletics.net website. The site is great for current information. 

Meet Results


  • School records on Athletics.Net are not accurate because they are not complete
    • Athletic.net refuses to recognize marks from meet results that cannot be uploaded electronically. This includes ignoring the high school marks of Fremont graduates:
      • Who made US Olympic teams;
      • Who qualified for US Olympic trials;
      • Who were NCAA All-Americans, NCAA league or conference champions; and/or
      • Who were California State champions, CCS champions, SCVAL champions or division/league champions.
  • Please go to the "School Records" page to see our real school records which have been carefully recorded, researched and handed down by quality Fremont coaches since the 1950's, through the inconceivable barriers of pencils, pens and paper.

Carpooling & Meet Support


Sunnyvale does not have a school bus system and renting from private school bus contractors is very expensive. Consequently, we are forced to carpool to our track meets.

The meet schedule is listed below, it will be very helpful if you can coordinate at least one carpool date with one of our Team Mom or Team Parents. Our current Team Mom is Anna Oren. We are also looking for additional team Mom’s and/or Team Dads, as our team will probably be over 100 students again this year, and Anna will need help with the Carpooling coordination duties


Our main fundraiser is our Firebird Relays Track Meet on Saturday, March 25. We will need parent volunteers to help at both gates, to help sell T-shirts and or to help pass out awards. We would like to have two shifts, so we will need about 12 people, total, to man the shifts.

Please try to let us know at least two weeks ahead of time, if you can support us, so we can plan the support.

Winter Conditioning, Wednesday, Dec 5th


             Fremont T&F/XC student-athletes, alumni, coaches and parents, are family!