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ASB is a leadership class for students that desire to do something for their school in order to create an unforgettable experience for their peers. The purpose of our leadership classes is to increase school spirit and improve the environment at Fremont. It aims to serve the student body to ensure that everyone’s experience is the best it can be.

ASB Commissioners

ASB Cabinet

Oversees student activities and complete large scale projects. They also help with the other commissioners.

Class Cabinet

In charge of events and fundraisers for their class.


Organizes club activities, maintains contact with club presidents and keeps track of inactive or active clubs. They need to know what the clubs are doing during their meetings and overall manage all the clubs at Fremont High School. For a list of current clubs at Fremont High view this list (LINK).

Social Media

In charge of updating Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and Facebook to advertise and spread the news that goes on at Fremont High School and keep partnership with Advertisement.


In charge of the sound system during lunch time activities, rallies, ticket selling, or any other sort of event that requires the sound system.


Organize the IDC Exchange where students have a privilege to go to other schools in the school district.

To apply to be a host for IDC, fill out this Google Form.


Publicize sporting events and recognize athletes for their dedication.