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Meet our Students

Nicole Lee, Class of 2019

Nicole will be attending Stanford University, majoring in Mechanical Engineering

"My four years at Fremont have been memorable because of the inclusive environment and the genuinely caring student and staff culture. I came from a middle school that didn’t feed into Fremont, so I didn’t know anyone on my first day. As soon as I walked onto campus, I experienced the true diversity of Fremont. Being part of such an open community with people of different backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities has opened my eyes to so many new value systems. If I were a freshman again, I would tell myself to try everything I could without worrying about others judging me. High school is a time for students to broaden their horizons, meet new people and experience different things; Fremont is the perfect place to do just that.”

Bryan Carrillo, Class of 2019

Bryan will be attending Cal Poly, majoring in Electrical Engineering

“From the high spirited rallies, to the joy of being the champion of a soccer tournament and the lifelong memories created on a trip with my AVID family, my high school experience has been more than special. I learned something very important from an interview that I did as part of a assignment for my Economics class. Originally, I just saw it as another assignment, but when I had the interview with Mr. Capriles, I still remember the words he said at the end, 'No matter where you are in the future, Fremont is still your home. The teachers here including me will always be a support if you need anything.' Every teacher I have had has been extremely supportive, caring and has always believed in my success."

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